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Tooth or Claw?

Are you foreign, lost and alien In the landscape of the mind? Unknown interloper Seeking for their kind A form of mild possession Lost and utterly blind A mirror whose reflection Is but a stranger’s face No memory of the journey Or the trials to reach this place This may be the morn of glory […]

Claude – A Life in Four Parts

Hi, I’m Claude. I’m a raisin, a sweet little pug, wrinkled and adorable. I have so much love in my heart it shines through my eyes.  It’s in my tongue when I give your hand a friendly lick. It’s in the way I wriggle my tail. It’s in my three legs when I leap to […]

Kisses goodbye

She squeezed her eyes shut tight, swallowing the lump in her throat and fighting back the tears; willing herself to keep it together. He wrapped his arms around her neck and held her close, breathing softly in her ear. “I love you” she whispered as she stroked the nape of his neck, gently tugging at […]


by TJ Therien What is a Timber? A Timber is a form of structured poetry I have devised and to my knowledge is unique. The form is based on 18 lines made up of 6 tercets with a syllable count of 4-4-8 in each tercet. The rhyme scheme for the Timber is 2 rhymes (a-a-b-a-a-b-a-a-b-a-a-b-a-a-b-a-a-b.) […]


This poem was submitted by author Carmen Stefanescu. This is the theme and motto for her novel “Shadows of the Past.” You can find out more about Carmen and her book here: Shadows of the Past ETERNITY In the quiet solitude of a small, remote convent, Only prayers seem alive on the lips of holy […]


Perhaps I was a broken child Just the same as they call you I did not speak enough they said I did not follow through You prove you are a thinker Using odd ways to reach your goal They choose to call you different As if that is such a crime Why do they not […]

Prodigy of Rainbow Tower Sneak Peek: Genocide

(This is a special sneak peek for my up-coming novel Legends of Windemere: Prodigy of Rainbow Tower.  It will be debuting next month and I thought I’d share one of my favorite scenes.  I’m sure the title is just there for effect.) A slavering howl for flesh rises from every alley that Nimby leaps over. […]


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