Our First Post!

Sunset & Sky 165

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Community Story Board! This is our first post ever:) It is my honest hope that we can make this a fun place for everyone to share their ideas and individual literary expression. The following is a group poem written by (in order of contribution)  petitemagique  Ionia Martin
Mohamed Ossama
Charles Yallowitz


Broken, yet again.
Smashed into pieces, devastated
Left alone in the dark, beyond repair
Painfully lost, feelings annihilated

Giving up, no more
Lost the fight, strength has crumbled
Maybe for good this time
Ripped apart, courage scrambled

Twisting, coiling, burning
turning me outside in
a silent viper of regret
confirming all my sins

Darkness creeping, crawling
until my soul is lost
forever falling weightless
no matter the cost

Thinking musing deeply,
wondering if I’m really dead.
Oblivious to the fact
that I’m just lying awake in bed.

Heart is pumping blood,
rushing swiftly through my head.
Carrying painful memories,
of nostalgia and regret.

Like vivid shots of pain
Thoughts burst within my brain
Dredging up the sorrow
Buried deep within my soul

Sweet tears flow down my cheeks
They glint with regret and hurt
An attempt to cleanse my inner form
If there is any left to save

Darkness tries to damn me with its lies
But I choose to believe there’s a spark
of the purest light within my heart
that if nurtured will grow deep roots

A stalwart tree of strength and hope
A strength, so strong it will not bow
under even the most vicious of winds
We are the songs of victory told

About Ionia Froment

book blogger and reviewer, mother of four boys, classical pianist and amateur photographer. I love reading, writing, music and learning to cook new and unusual dishes. You can usually find me with my nose buried in a book unless I have the opportunity to be walking on the beach collecting seashells:)

58 comments on “Our First Post!

  1. Great poem! So excited! 🙂 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Green Embers and commented:

    Check out the Community Storyboard!!!! The first post is live and there is a great poem! 🙂

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    First post of The Community Storyboard blog. It’s a group-written poem. Give this blog a look and submit some work . . . if you dare.

  4. Wahoo! Happy Birth-day guys!

  5. Reblogged this on Kori Miller Writes and commented:
    Another opportunity awaits those who choose to accept the challenge! The door is open. Will you walk through it, or turn away?

  6. Impressive. Nice continuity throughout the poem.

  7. Reblogged this on We Drink Because We're Poets and commented:
    Bam! Check out The Community Storyboard, peeps!

  8. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear The Community Storyboard. Happy Birthday to you. (Sung in my sexiest Marilyn Monroe voice) Congratulation Ionia. Fantastic idea ♥

  9. What a great opening post, I’m going to promote this on my blog tomorrow, good work team.

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    Hot of the Press: Hey you all come check out a great new blog. Come read, submit an original peace of work or hangout with your comments! Join The Community Storyboard for this new adventure!

  11. Perfect first post! Great job guys! 🙂

  12. Reblogged this on …and then there was Sarah and commented:

    First post on the new Community Storyboard blog run by Ionia Martin and other fellow writers. Come check it out and submit your work today! Its gonna be big! 🙂

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    The Community Storyboard is a new creative writing where anyone and everyone can submit work. Check it out!

  14. Great poem, and the site looks amazing. Congratulations and well done on getting the site up and running so quickly.

  15. Glad to hear it. You have been stressing too much, hopefully you can relax a bit now 🙂

  16. Fabulous! It’s marvellous, and quite amazing really, how well the voices all blend together and become one in this, and such a far reaching theme, from darkness to redemptive/hopeful/courageous light! A truly auspicious first post, congratulations to all the writers involved!! 🙂 🙂

  17. WoW! It turned out much better than I expected 🙂 Patty, Ionia, Kira, Charles, you all rock 😀

  18. Reblogged this on Dawn of Thoughts and commented:
    Check out this blog! Any writers wishing to contribute are more than welcome! 🙂

  19. Beautiful (poem and site) :). Will reblog and spread the word.

  20. Reblogged this on 1WriteWay and commented:
    First post on the new Community Storyboard blog run by Ionia Martin and friends. Visit, read, like, submit, and repeat 🙂

  21. Lovely Poem. A group creation is a lovely idea

  22. Great cooperative work! I thought it a rather dark first post until I read the last contribution and it turned around so distinctly. This will be a wonderful “tree” with many songs blowing through its branches.

  23. Reblogged this on Back Porch Writer and commented:
    For those of you looking for an opportunity to showcase your short fiction, poetry, and/or creative non-fiction, check out this new blog. The name is inviting, don’t you think?

  24. Wow! It turned out great! I am so happy I could be a part of this. It was a honor and a lot of fun to write with you guys! 🙂
    And the blog looks great too! I lubs it! ❤
    Hugz for you all, my amazing friends!

  25. That is wonderful – congratulations everyone!

  26. […] last but certainly not least, the Community Storyboard, which I understand has had its first posts!! Yay – […]

  27. Reblogged this on Bastet and Sekhmet and commented:
    Have a look at the Community Storyboard!!!

  28. Yes, I love this. Deep roots of love and confidence uproot the darkness and condemnation….

    Great job guys!

  29. Reblogged this on Wyndy Dee and commented:
    Awsum! This was such a great idea!

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