Electric Purple Prompt


Okay People:) You know what to do my friends. Write me a poem or short story using this picture as the prompt. This is a pretty loose prompt. I took this photo earlier this year and have been wanting to use it for something. I call it “electric purple.”

Winner of this prompt will get a sticky post on the community storyboard with their blog info displayed for one week. Only accepting submissions until Monday so get moving all you talented authors/poets.

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book blogger and reviewer, mother of four boys, classical pianist and amateur photographer. I love reading, writing, music and learning to cook new and unusual dishes. You can usually find me with my nose buried in a book unless I have the opportunity to be walking on the beach collecting seashells:)

32 comments on “Electric Purple Prompt

  1. Brilliant picture. I love it.

  2. Reblogged this on Amanda's Words / starfire8me and commented:
    Purple shows up in the sky,
    I know that something is mine,
    when it comes I will smile.
    glad for all the while
    I know it is my favorite color
    I am as lover, so I put
    it on everything
    that needs a pop of color!

  3. Electric Purple Prompt
    I have never participated in any of these, but felt drawn to step outside my comfort zone. I am brave enough to submit it here only. Please forgive. But I am doing it more for the feedback and to gather a willingness to learn and grow. Thank you for sharing your time with me.

    Electric Purple Prompt: Self-portrait

    I have commissioned the most talented – visionary painter.
    His purpose – to capture the essence of my being. He is to
    paint me as I appear, minus my many physical imperfections.
    Willingly, he maneuvers my disabled body into position. I am
    the perfect model. He will suffer no unnecessary movement
    on my part.

    We will not speak. I will spend the next few hours in silence,
    as he interprets who I am to become on canvas. He is painting
    my memory. With every painstaking stroke of his brush – I am
    brought into existence – as my former self.

    He lays the palette and brushes before him. I wait patiently as
    he makes his way to aide me. I am wheeled into position.
    Nerves dance like butterflies…who have I become…through
    his eyes?

    I look at the canvas, breath abated. Electric purple. My tears
    fall. He has failed me.

    Through broken speech…I ask…what is this? Hours I have spent
    envisioning the perfect portrait…the essence of me…this is nothing
    more than color across a page…I cry…

    The painter speaks in a very soft tone…
    you did not ask me to paint your eyes…your smile…
    though if you look you will find them here…

    I have painted you into life…
    electric purple…
    movement and freedom…

    I cry…
    I am beautiful…

    Thanks for presenting the picture and prompt and the opportunity to be a part of something wonderful. Blessings. Belinda

  4. well done, a lovely piece and a great photo, I love purple.

  5. This just screams Haiku to me.

  6. swirling veil of mist
    unnatural viola
    skyshow envelops

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  9. Cool photo … wish I had seen it earlier but I was busy celebrating my Birthday 😉

    • How was the birthday? I want details lady!

      • Excellent. Taken out to lunch by girlfriend (vegan fare but with a chocolate peppermint cookie). Then had a wild time at Home Depot picking out knobs and pulls for my new cabinets. Then home and husband takes me to dinner (Siam Sushi) and I throw care to the wind and down two dirty gin martinis! Don’t remember much after that. Yup, at my age, two drinks and I’m on a bender 😦

      • Lol me too! So happy it was great! I love Home Depot!

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