Shine On (Prompt Day 5)

I have a tale to tell, one that is a little sad but I feel ended up on the right side of good. I remember that day that I came into a nice loving home. I was a Christmas gift and I was special. I was not the most significant of items, not like them highfalutin video game machines. Oh they think they are Gods. They have some sort of magic powers where they suck people in and waste their time. I was different. I felt special. I was something that helped add to a glorious experience. My master and I would spend long hours into the night reading wonderful books. See that’s what I am, a reading lamp. The master would sit there with his e-Ink device with me attached and read wonderful adventures! We would read about brave heroes, sad tales of loneliness, comedies that would make us both laugh.

It was a glorious time in both of our lives and then something happened. The master became different. It was as if a shadow overcame him. He became gloomy, he would sleep long hours and instead of reaching for me, he would reach for his phone and watch a video. Soon we stopped spending time altogether. I was alone, collecting dust upon my shelf. I wanted to cry, every night I felt so alone. The darkness felt wrong around me, I just wanted to open up and bring forth my brilliant light. I began to get weaker. I could feel my charge dying. I was about to give up the ghost to silicon heaven (it is where all the calculators go) when something new happened.

My master, he was starting to change again. A smile was on his lips more. He was getting up early and going for walks. I would often hear him come back breathing heavy (no not like that you sickos!) and he was more pleasant. Then he did the most wonderful thing. He opened me up and replaced my charge cylinders! I felt a new surge of life. He opened me up and I could finally let my light shine!

Now we often find ourselves staying up far past his bed time reading such wonderful stories again. My master he is back and together we shine brilliantly! I am so happy! I don’t know who changed the charge cylinders in my master but I am forever grateful to that person. Shine on little readers, people can change! 🙂


About Bradley Corbett

Bradley is a total geek. He loves all thing Science Fiction, Fantasy and is always up for a good pen and paper roleplaying experience.

12 comments on “Shine On (Prompt Day 5)

  1. I am glad you were reunited. You sound like a happier tool for it.

  2. Smiling over here 🙂

  3. Yay little booklight! I love a happy ending! 🙂

  4. I’m smiling aswell, great read 🙂

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