Day 7 prompt – Heroes – The Class

“Settle down class, today we are going to discuss heroes, who can give me an example of a hero?”

“Harry Potter!”

“Ok! Why is Harry Potter a hero?”

“He saved the world from old Volde, didn’t he Miss?” The class giggled.

“Who can give me an example of a female heroine?”

“Hermoine Granger, Miss, because she was the brains behind Harry and behind all good men stands a brilliant women, or so my Gran says!” More sniggering occurred and a few “I don’t know what you means” came from the boys.

“How about Neville Longbottom? He rallied the troops at Hogwarts whilst Harry and the others went after the horcruxes, then he killed the snake in the end.”

“Yeah! But he didn’t look like a hero did he?”

The teacher tried to regain control of the class.

“What does a hero look like?”

“Flying cape and he wears his pants on the outside of his kecks (trousers)”. The class fell about laughing!

“Let’s try and move away from the traditional image of a hero and think about finding your own hero. Get your books out and I want you to create a hero  and write down a description of that person in just one or two sentences, I’ll give you ten minutes for this task.”

Pam loved books, the library was like her second home and she couldn’t walk past a bookshop without going in. She read all sorts of stories, she chewed the end of her pen unable to think of any one type of person she could write about, she wrote the title and the date in her book, but she still couldn’t get her mind to create the ultimate hero. Around her the class were busy scribbling down words where the words in Pam’s head floated just out of reach.

“One minute left”, said the teacher,

Pam panicked, she wrote the first things which came into her head;

“He’s full of wisdom, creativity and passion, he can whisk you off to far off places, other worlds, he makes you laugh, cry and teaches you new things. His name is simply… “Author””

Rosie Amber (For all you brilliant writers out there!)


About Rosie Amber

Avid reader and bookworm, book reviewer, campaigning to connect more readers to authors. http://rosieamber.wordpress.com/

17 comments on “Day 7 prompt – Heroes – The Class

  1. Cheers! Struggled with this prompt today, bit of a cheesy ending I know, but there’s an awful lot of great writing talent out there.

  2. Wonderful… Brilliant ending.
    And I guess Snape was the actual hero who fought for his love till the very end, even shaking hands with the person who killed her.

  3. Awe! That was a kind thing thing for Pam to do. I rather like her. Good job!

  4. Awww, that was a sweet ending. Nicely done!

  5. Oh, I loved your ending – the whole piece made me smile.

  6. So, this is completely lovely. I wanna be Hermione though, I have to admit.

  7. I liked this and hope you are a teacher.

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