Gargouille: Orgins of “The Gargoyle”

His name was Gargouille and he was Grigori “a Watcher.” The Grigori were two hundred in number. They had been sent to the earth by the Lord of Light to watch over his prized creation. Man. There were those among his brethren who had become enamoured with the women of Man and they took human wives and had children with these human wives spawning a race of Giants. Gargouille was one of the few that didn’t take a human wife or sire half breed abominations, but that was less to do with desire to do so and more to do with the fact humans in general abhorred his appearance. By human standards he was grotesque and hideous. Why the Lord of Light cursed him so with twisted and contorted facial features that were repulsive to the sight was a question for which Gargouille had no answers. But the curse was also a blessing when the great flood of Noah washed the sin and stain of the Grigori from the earth. Only a few of his kind survived the great deluge and they were the ones that did not take human wives.

The wrath of the Lord of Light forced the remaining Grigori into hiding for hundreds upon hundreds of years. Gargouille found refuge in a cave on what would become coastal France. In the year 631 AD his existence was discovered and the Bishop of Rouen declared Gargouille and agent of the Dark Lord. The Bishop Romanus declared that Gargouille be put to death. Over the next decade Romanus waged his crusade against the tormented creature. He was captured by the Bishop and the last remaining volunteer, a man that had been condemned to death and would receive pardon for his efforts as well as salvation of his mortal soul upon the Bishop’s word. The condemned man was not pardoned, but burned alongside Gargouille.

Obscured by the flame and smoke Gargouille had managed to escape. He found a piece of granite and with talons as sharp as obsidian and as hard as diamond he carved a head and neck in his likeness which he deposited in the ash as evidence of his death. Bishop Romanus believing he had destroyed the monster mounted the granite bust upon the cathedral in Rouen to guard against evil spirits. This started a trend in medieval architecture that allowed Gargouille to rest in the open perched upon the flying buttresses of cathedral and castle.

Gargouille did not bare Man any ill will because Man was weak and frail and would always try to destroy what they could not understand. What Gargouille didn’t understand himself was why the Lord of Light so favoured these flawed and failed creatures. Gargouille remained faithful to the Lord of Light and along with the few remaining Grigori watched over humanity, intervening when necessary. Seen through the ages as Angels and Demons, perceptions had changed in the modern age, the Grigori were now seen as Superheroes and Super villains and this was mostly based on appearance and not actions. Even though the Lord of Light dwelled in the heart of Gargouille, Man would always see him as a monster.

(Community Storyboard Short Story Prompt
https://neverendingstorydepository.wordpress.com/2013/08/03/day-8-pre-super-hero-life/ )

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8 comments on “Gargouille: Orgins of “The Gargoyle”

  1. Love it, but his name is Doobie and we both know it. Honestly.

  2. Very in-ter-est-ing. He needs his own series.

    • thank you very much SK… he started out as a one time thing and now it his third installment so you might be right about this

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