Chloe Comes Somewhat Clean (Her Pre-Heroine Days – Today’s Prompt)

One Afternoon’s Meeting

As if life isn’t complicated enough, with being a Bedroom Fairy and pretending to be a Tooth Fairy, I have just been informed that I am to divulge some sort of personal insight into my past.  After searching my memory all day, I have finally found something not too personal that I am willing to share.  Some people may find it interesting to know what I did for a living before I became Irene’s Bedroom Fairy…

I used to be a model for fairy cards.  The sorts of cards fairies leave for people they care about deeply.  Since only people who believe in fairies can actually see fairies, my job prospects were quite dismal.  Nonetheless, I was determined and I was hired for several sittings.

One late afternoon I told my mother, Beatrice, and my sister, Ivy, that I was going to take a fly around the neighborhood.  Even though we lived in a very refined and dignified English-style garden – perfectly muted or bright blooms upon perfectly manicured bushes and vines – I sometimes felt caged in by such perfection. On this particular afternoon, I was flying not too high and not too low around the block when I flew over the most beautiful wild flower garden I’d ever seen.  I floated and hovered lower.  And then lower.  And then lower until I was sitting in the center of a brilliant blue poppy.  I was looking out onto a garden of pot of golds, yellow, pale pink, red, and blue poppies, daisies and baby’s breath.  There were several pink and yellow rose bushes.

The scent must have been hypnotic, or perhaps I fell into some sort of meditative spell, because the next thing I recall is looking up and seeing a man looking down at me.  He was standing at a window inside the house.  I was comforting myself with the fact that he couldn’t see me when he waved at me and opened the window!

“Hello there,” he said.  He crouched low and I hovered, quite flustered, just outside his window.

“Hello.” I replied.  “I was just leaving and…”

“No need to leave,” he said.  “I was just telling my wife, a few days ago, that what was really missing in our garden was a fairy.  Isn’t it wonderful, then, that you should appear?”

His name was Edward.  His wife’s name was Ellen.  They had been married just a short time and were expecting their first child.  Edward was painter and worked, from home, in his studio study.  Ellen was a high school English teacher.

I don’t remember, exactly, but Edward and I spoke for quite a long while.  I told him about my awful employment record.  He told me about his struggles as a young painter.  From there, we formed an interesting partnership.  He often painted me.  Sometimes he’d paint little fairy cards I could sell to other fairies.  Sometimes he’d paint larger portraits and he’d sell these at local businesses.

Then Irene was born.  When she was almost 5, Edward and Ellen – who very much believe in fairies – asked me to be Irene’s Bedroom Fairy.


*thanks to the garden images from Patti Hall’s  http://1writeplace.com/author/1writeplace/  for the idea of Chloe’s blue poppy.  Now…I’m off for several hours

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I'm a poet. Sometimes I write stories and other nonsense. Ellespeth

21 comments on “Chloe Comes Somewhat Clean (Her Pre-Heroine Days – Today’s Prompt)

  1. This is beautiful! Do you mind if I post this as the post of the week for the Community Board?

  2. I enjoyed this. I haven’t read a fairy story for a long time. Lovely 🙂

  3. This was lovely Ellespeth. I have always believed in fairies and my granddaughter sleeps in an enchanted forest that her daddy (an artist) painted on her walls, complete with fairies. Such a sweet piece. I feel like we know the whole family now 🙂

    • We need more adults who believe in fairies! Thank you for this comment and for your support of my work. Since I began this little fairy prose series, I’ve been amazed at how many adults do still believe in fairies!

  4. I love this! This is lovely!!!

  5. Thank you for using my mom’s blue poppies in your tale. Wonderful tale. Fairies have always been part of my life and I’m enjoying the fairy and human families you are creating. What I need now are some worker gnomes to help me install this garden:>) Hugs!

    • I was so inspired by your mother’s garden that I immediately left there and began thinking on the piece of fairy prose. Blue is my favorite color. Thank you, Patti, for encouraging me …*hugs back at ya*

  6. Reblogged this on BalconyViewz and commented:

    Another day’s prompt from https://neverendingstorydepository.wordpress.com/ My Bedroom Fairy, Chloe, divulges personal information. Drop by the Community Storyboard for other offerings from many talented writers.

  7. Another fan of fairies here, we all need a little magic in our lives.

  8. Beautiful piece, and we all need a little sprinkle of fairy dust every now and again 🙂

  9. What a sweet tale! Beautiful, Ellespeth 🙂

  10. I’m so glad Ionia made this post a sticky (I am so behind on my reading) 😉 You know, I haven’t thought about fairies much less believed in them since I was a child. Your prose as well as that of a few others here is changing that for me. And I like the change 🙂 Lovely story, Ellespeth!

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