Day 9 Prompt – My Favourite…

Okay, I’m going to cheat a little bit on this one because it wasn’t the city, it was the people.

Before I visited Japan in 2005 I did my best to learn the language, knowing I would be going by myself. I’d heard that most people there know English; I found out many of them were afraid to use it.

The cities I visited were Kuroshiki, Hiroshima, and Kyoto, the latter of which I spent wandering around at night trying to get lost so that I’d have an excuse to ask for directions. But there was one particular instance that really had an impact, language-wise.

I stayed for three days in a little town called Onomichi. The main shopping area – basically the town – is at the foot of a mountain, but many of the homes are on the side of it. My hotel was at the top. Japan-OnomichihotelThe only feasible way of getting to town was to walk. On one of my many trips up the mountain stairs, I came across a fellow climber. We were already somewhat acquainted as he had passed me on one of my rest-stops. Now it was my turn to pass him. We regarded each other and he looked as if he wanted to say something to me but was unsure if I would understand. So I took the initiative. I rolled my eyes and let out a deep sigh. He laughed in agreement.

We didn’t speak in Japanese, or English. We spoke in Human.

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18 comments on “Day 9 Prompt – My Favourite…

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  2. I don’t think it’s cheating. A city is nothing more than a bunch of buildings. It’s the people that give it a personality and make it alive. I’m so jealous that you got to go to Japan. Though, I keep thinking it’s a combination of anime and Godzilla movies.

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    Day 9 Prompt – Write a Story in 250 words or less about your favourite City

  4. I’m with Charles on this one. This city is made up of it’s people. I have heard of many experiences where people were treated so much more kindly abroad than at home. I haven’t traveled extensively, but I am glad to know that hospitality and human kindness are there when I get the chance to. I get that sense of human acceptance in the Islands of the Caribbean and Costa Rica.

    • The people of Japan were wonderful! I had people helping me everywhere I went and going out of their way to do so. I agree, it is nice to know that there are kind people out there who will treat you well.

  5. No, not cheating. I agree with the others. The fact that you tried to learn the language is impressive. It seems many don’t bother and it can make such a difference to the local…that you at least try to speak their language. I know a dab of several languages, but it always makes native speakers howl with laughter.

    • More than once when I approached someone and asked them if they spoke English, they said no. After they heard my Japanese however, they immediately switched to English. Haha!

  6. This is actually a great story! And it’s a story! Mine sure wasn’t. All I can say at this point though is ditto to what everyone else said. I’m always so late to the party.

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      Thanks for your interest. 🙂

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