On Second Thought… (Prompt…Day… I Can’t Remember)

// Sorry Ellespeth, this was done NOT at work. It was too busy today, I had to do actual work, lol. Also I have a case of the blahs, so it will probably suck.

She pursed her lips and to him it looked like she was trying to swallow a sour lemon. Her gaunt disproportionate face proved without a doubt she had risen through the ranks on merit alone or she was just so bitter that she was promoted to make her someone else’s problem. That was a definite possibility, she was always so stiff and tight. He knew a thing or too that could help her, a night with him and he had little doubt she would be the poster child of rainbows and unicorns. Not that he would but he did figure it might help remove the stick lodged up her ass. She was staring down at him from the giant screen. What was this, wait… she had asked him something. Something important. He’d just wing it.

“Yes, that is correct, Ma’am. The first live test results were disastrous.”

He remembered that day. The TAS Facility was a dull gray orb floating in space when his shuttle approached. He remembered thinking how modern space designs were so boring compared to the old flix. This was his first post as Commander of a science station. Especially one that had enough energy to power six stars.

Sasha Dixon was the first one to greet him as he came aboard. She was gorgeous, honey colored hair, dark large eyes and tender lips. Oh her lips. He could feel his pants tighten remembering her. She had given him a tour of the station and then that night she gave him a different kind of tour altogether.

Wait that was his first day as Commander, not the first live test. Why was he thinking about that? Right, she was the first one through the gate. The facility had been explained to him as a giant teleporter, the first time-machine. Time travel was possible and the geeks had built the machine to prove it. It had to be a teleporter that could target long range locations, as it was explained to him, things in the Universe are always moving through out space. The giant calcutron 6000 had to calculate the physics behind where things were located at their destination in time or something like that. He didn’t care too much, he just wanted results.

She said she wanted to be the first and he wasn’t about to say no. She was confident it would work out okay. She picked a destination, London, in the 21st Century. He remembered the loud roar as energy coursed around the chamber and the portal opened to a London street. She stepped through and was hit by a red double decker bus. Her life signs were terminated immediately. He was a little sad, he didn’t know where he was going to get a mind blowing fuck like that ever again with her out of the picture.

“That was just the first of a long series of disaster.” Even her voice sounded like it had a pole caught up in it.

“Yes, we thought the first event was just an accident. Then they kept happening. The next person stepped through the portal and found themselves plunging down a sink hole. The next one after that stepped out immediately as a volcano erupted. The following person was presumed eaten by a tyrannosaurus rex Lot’s of screaming with that one, not very pretty at all.”

“Yet you kept continuing to send people through? That seems highly like a good idea.”

My god, her voice. Shivers ran down his spine as he answered her inquiry. “These were all volunteers, each thought the previous was just some odd accident. Finally I put a stop to it. We had sent 33 people through with a grand total of 33 people confirmed dead. Something was not right.”

“Yet you continued on anyway.”

“After we regrouped, the brain-nuts decided they could make some adjustments and teleport the whole facility.”

“And this seemed like a good idea to you?”

He shifted in his seat and responded, “Honestly? It did not but at this point I needed to produce some sort of result and it was go for broke time.”

She let out a small grunt of disgust and motioned for him to continue. He tugged at his collar and continued. “It took them six weeks to make the necessary adjustments. I happened to be attending an important meeting back on earth but gave them go ahead via Skype.” Oh what a conference that had been. A nice cheap motel with perhaps one of the best servicing of his life. “The brain-nuts then teleported the facility. Our remote processors analyzed the data and it is believed that the calcutron 6000 made an error and took the coordinates to the exact time and space the big bang occurred. The entire facility and all lives were lost.”

“The calcutron made an error?”

“Well, the other theory is that although time travel is possible the Universe will correct any event that could potentially cause the timeline to go in a direction where the facility would not have been built. Which as it goes is any attempt to visit the past. Frankly, it is easier to believe the computer malfunctioned.”

“I see, well thank you for coming in today Colonel. Is there anything you would like to add?”

He looked at her directly in the eyes and said, “my place or yours?”

About Bradley Corbett

Bradley is a total geek. He loves all thing Science Fiction, Fantasy and is always up for a good pen and paper roleplaying experience.

8 comments on “On Second Thought… (Prompt…Day… I Can’t Remember)

  1. Reblogged this on Green Embers and commented:
    My silly story for today’s prompt (time travel)…

  2. “…or something like that. He didn’t care too much, he just wanted results…” This made me chuckle 😛 I’m reading all of these timeline ones before I attempt one. Sigh. I liked this one..
    Hope your spirits life soon.

  3. Great premise and fantastic writing style. I love it. 🙂

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