The Children of Doom: The Return

Day 17 Prompt: Time Travel. This story takes place directly from where my story for the Day 3 Prompt ends! 

Once Greg Murphy was out of sight from the Constable, he did a quick check to make sure there was nobody else around that could see him. Once the area was scanned he put on his goggles and took out a device from his pocket. It was a number one priority for Murphy that nobody saw what he was about to do next. The device he had in his hands lit up a bright blue color when he punched in some commands.

“Time to go.” he sighed. A bright, blinding flash emitted from the device and all of a surrounding 2 mile radius was lit up as if in broad daylight before returning to its normal midnight sky.


If Murphy entered his coordinates right, his destination should be somewhere secluded where there’s nobody to see him. As the bright flash faded and his eyes adjusted, Murphy re-adjusted his goggles and scanned the area.

“System, diagnosis!”

Time Jump: successful. Witnesses: Zero.

Murphy surveyed where he was. He stood exactly in the same spot, just 235 years later.

“It’s good to be home.” he smiled as he exited the warehouse which replaced the once small dark street he stood in only moments ago.


12:30 AM – Monday – August 12 – 2085.

On the street of New London, Greg Murphy looked no-more out of place now than he did over 200 years ago, with the exception of his goggles. In the year 2085 everyone wore goggles, created by a well known company which gave all citizens unlimited access to the internet.

New London was rough at night. No man, woman or child was safe on the streets unless they had a form of weapon in which they could defend themselves, which current law currently stated that they couldn’t unless they wore the badge of a Law Enforcer.

A green glow appeared before Murphy. Yes, the very same green glow in which he had just encountered not minutes before.

“Crap.” he muttered. There they were; all three children, eyes glowing brighter than ever.

“Hello Mr. Murphy!” they chimed in unison.

“Children.” he growled through clenched teeth as he loaded his guns. “You’re looking a lot more livelier than last we met.”

The children cocked their head to one side in confusion. “Pardon?”

Murphy grinned. “Never m–“

“HALT!” an announcement interrupted. “We have you surrounded! This is the New London Police Force. You are under arrest!”

“You’re kidding me!”

“Surrender your weapons or we will use force!”

Murphy ran to where the children stood and opened fire at the police force before ducking for cover and getting the hell out of dodge. The glowing of the children was bright enough of a distraction to grab the attention of the police which allowed Murphy to escape.

Once he was on his own again, and positive that he hadn’t been followed, he brandished his device once again and quickly pressed some commands, not sure where the time travel device would take him next.

“I don’t care where I end up!” he gasped breathlessly. “But I can’t stay here!” he punched in the final command and the place lit up like the fourth of July.


The flash faded as Murphy materialized in his new location. He had made sure in his hastiness that the device didn’t leave him in any form of London past, present or future.

Suddenly a cold metallic cylinder pressed against his temple before he could even sigh a breath of relief.

“Don’t move!” growled a menacing voice.

The End?!?

About Dean

My name is Dean Kealy and I live in Ireland. I am freelance writer/content creator.

9 comments on “The Children of Doom: The Return

  1. Cool, I love it when we get to read more of a story. Great job 🙂

  2. Murphy just can’t catch a break.

  3. Can’t escape your past, present, or future? Really compelling. Love to read more.

  4. So Dean.. have I told you I hated cliffhangers? lol, great job! Wonder how Murphy is going to get out of this one!

  5. Oh! Nice. Who would have ever thought of t his even a few years ago: “everyone wore goggles, created by a well known company which gave all citizens unlimited access to the internet.”

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