Obituary of Historical Figure, Writing prompt: Moses Grier

LaGrange Daily News, Obituaries, April 12th, 1993

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Moses Grier died peacefully in his sleep at The Colored People’s Old Folks Home in LaGrange, Georgia, on Friday, 09 April 1993.  Moses was born in 1907 to a poor sharecropper on the same farm in Walton County, Georgia, that his grandpappy had been born a slave on.  Moses, like his father before him, considered himself  fortunate to be born a free man.  A member of Union Baptist Church in Whitesville, GA, Moses will be laid to rest next to his late wife, Eula Mae Grier, Tuesday, 2:00 PM, 13 April 1993, in a graveside service at the Church.

Moses served as caretaker to the Handley Estate, also in Whitesville, GA, and home of the late Dr. David G. Handley.  A longtime resident of Atlanta, GA, Moses is survived by a daughter, Althea, whereabouts unknown, who left home at the young age of sixteen years to seek fame and fortune.  God may have had other plans for this fair child of His.  Moses was most proud to have lived to see his son, Nathan, become a medical doctor, and supported his family to the best of his abilities.

A double amputee at 86 y.o., Moses was clutching a carved wooden cross when he died, and had the Lord’s mercy to die in his sleep after a long battle with diabetes.  As is customary, a red “American Beauty” rose bush will be planted in a brief Memorial Service at Frank Cox Union Street School Park on Hwy #27 in LaGrange, by the Nurses of The Colored People’s Old Folks Home, this afternoon at 3:00 PM.  All are invited to attend.

Shameless self promotion:  You can read more about Moses and his family in the faction novel, “Red Clay and Roses” by S. K. Nicholls

About S.K. Nicholls

is a steel magnolia from GA who currently resides with her rocket scientist husband in Central Florida. Even though she had a reputation as the class clown in grade school, she managed to successfully achieve a career in nursing that spanned thirty-five years. Putting down the stethoscope and picking up the pen, she started writing compelling, thought-provoking historic novels and riveting contemporary crime romps, telling it like it was and telling it like it is. Orphaned from her mother at an early age, she survived foster care, and in her youth resided in an orphanage in the North GA Mountains, the Ethel Harpst Home. Four adults call her mom and four little people call her grandmother. She enjoys reading, comedy shows, salt-water fishing, boating, and brewing Kombucha. Her family owns and operates one of the oldest and largest nudist resorts in the nation located in Florida, Cypress Cove.

24 comments on “Obituary of Historical Figure, Writing prompt: Moses Grier

  1. That is a really well-written obituary. And promotion is good. I will raise my voice along with you (but I will copy your words):- You can read more about Moses and his family in the faction novel, “Red Clay and Roses” by S. K. Nicholls.

  2. This was so clever!! I was looking at it and went, “oh hey, awesome!”

  3. That was a really good link, in fact I actually thought he was real 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on mybrandofgenius and commented:
    Writing prompt for obituary of historical figure: Moses Grier, character from “Red Clay and Roses”

  5. Beautifully written. Self-promotion is fine.

  6. Nothing wrong with promoting this! It”s an obituary…I like the Southern way with words…brought back memories.

    • Thanks. It is very Southern ( and so am I, you can’t help what you inherit). I am hoping to have the book’s revision and editing completed by tomorrow morning. Then it will go off for publishing of the paperback and republishing of the eversion.

  7. Absolutely nothing wrong with self-promotion. The obituary is so respectful and kind. While reading it, I thought of your book, the part where you meet him and let him tell his story. Your kindness enabled him to die with peace in his heart.

  8. Why not? It’s all writing, enjoyed it.

  9. […] Obituary of Historical Figure, Writing prompt: Moses Grier (neverendingstorydepository.wordpress.com) […]

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