One Summer Long Ago – Prompt 23 – Describe a childhood memory

Worms on the hook

Lines in the water

A tug and the flop of a fish


Sitting by the fire as grandma cooks

The family circles the table all around

Grandpa in his own special chair


Blue Gill frying, permeating the air

Beans snapped, corn husked, biscuits baked

Eyes bigger than stomachs, our bellies were full.


The hogs squeal in delight with the scraps

Eggs gathered in the hen house

Kitty Clover in the barn ready for milking


Pammy Biscuit, Graham Cracker

Private names for just grandma and me

Remembered until the day I die



I remember than summer a lot – we were moving and stayed with my grandma and grandpa on their farm for two weeks – of course my little 4 year old brain thought it was an entire summer.  I loved all that the farm offered – family and fun and lots of hard work even for a 4 year old.  My grandpa died when I was 6 and grandma lived there until she was an old woman (and even then she only moved into a trailer on the property).  Kitty Clover was one of grandpa’s cows and for Christmas I gave him a tiny china cow with Kitty Clover written on the tag. I miss that simple life.

About Pamela Beckford

I'm a person, poet and a blogger. I have opinions that are solely my own. I am an avid reader and love to connect with people all through my life.

14 comments on “One Summer Long Ago – Prompt 23 – Describe a childhood memory

  1. My best memories of childhood were on my grandparents farm with the cousins. Even after foster care, we were there on weekends, summers, and holidays. They were my stability in life.

  2. A gentle caress of memories can be felt through your words.

  3. Haven’t thought of Blue Gill for years. Thanks for kicking my memory awake.

  4. The poem and the narrative painted a vivid picture of your childhood. Wonderful!

  5. What wonderful memories your poem and narrative so well describe!

  6. This takes me back to times spent with my grandparents: Pappaw’s special chair, snapping beans, shucking corn. I can see it and smell it, even now. Nicely done.

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