Ancient Alien Theory Tested: Story prompt, 100 years into the future.

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She had served her time.  It was odd to go into prison a young woman and come out an old one.  It was odd to be one of the only black women left on the planet.  The Crylerions had claimed their own in 2113, just a few short months ago, but refused to take any incarcerated people back to the mother planet.  “We are scorned now worse than we have ever been in history,” she thought as she boarded the monorail.

She had been arrested at the age of 30 and served 20 years for manslaughter.  She didn’t mean to kill him, she loved him.  His father had run for President and his grandfather had once been Governor of Florida.  They had met at the democratic convention of 2093.  Delgado’s father was going to be the first Hispanic President of the New United States. She was only trying to push him out onto the balcony.  She didn’t intend for him to go over the rail, fifty feet to his death.

If it had been ruled a murder, she might still be in prison, but now, here she was, a “free” woman in a world where free black women were considered the dirge of the planet.  She knew that all free black people were being rounded up and sent to an island off the coast of Africa in quadrant 17, on what was once Madagascar, where the Crylerions had agreed to come back one day to reclaim them, sentences having been served.  She had once thought we were living in a “post racial” society. She wasn’t going.  She had to see her daughter again.

Her daughter had been a mixed race child and there was a possibility that she wasn’t taken, many weren’t, but she had not heard from her since the Great Exodus.  Not, that is, until yesterday.  They were going to meet in Orlando, where they would take the children to Disney World.  The mixed race Hispanic grandchildren she had never seen.

The whites had left for Aloria seven years ago, and the brown skinned people of the planet Earth were a difficult bunch to sort when the Interplanetary Reclamation Project had just begun.  Ittumblr_mnumx96jC41rphtnfo1_500 had been decided by the Galactic Council in conjunction with the United Nations, that the Planet Earth needed a rest from human population.  All planets had been notified to return to Earth to reclaim the races.  Most came in motherships, and the masses were shuttled out to them.  But some had other methods of retrieval.

She felt a tingle and saw a faint glow in her hands.  Something strange was happening.  She stood up to disembark the rail train and felt light-headed.  She could see the family gathered there at the station.  They were fading.  She was fading.  When her daughter stepped on board to find her mother, all she found were her clothes.  She would never see her again.  She could never say, “Good-bye, Mom, I love you.”  The powers that be had reclaimed her.  She was going home to a place where she would always be accepted.  A place she had never been before. Her grandchildren would know that their grandmother was with the Ancient Ones every time they looked up into the stars, from whatever planet in the Universe they ultimately resided on…out there, somewhere.

About S.K. Nicholls

is a steel magnolia from GA who currently resides with her rocket scientist husband in Central Florida. Even though she had a reputation as the class clown in grade school, she managed to successfully achieve a career in nursing that spanned thirty-five years. Putting down the stethoscope and picking up the pen, she started writing compelling, thought-provoking historic novels and riveting contemporary crime romps, telling it like it was and telling it like it is. Orphaned from her mother at an early age, she survived foster care, and in her youth resided in an orphanage in the North GA Mountains, the Ethel Harpst Home. Four adults call her mom and four little people call her grandmother. She enjoys reading, comedy shows, salt-water fishing, boating, and brewing Kombucha. Her family owns and operates one of the oldest and largest nudist resorts in the nation located in Florida, Cypress Cove.

17 comments on “Ancient Alien Theory Tested: Story prompt, 100 years into the future.

  1. That sounds like a very interesting story and world. I’d love to hear more about what was going on.

  2. Yes, this is good. More please:>)

  3. Reblogged this on mybrandofgenius and commented:
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  4. I agree with the others, it feels like a snippet. Nicely written 🙂

  5. Very cool, Susan. I grew up with the ancient alien theory (among others) and it was neat to read it in action, so to speak!

  6. Oh! I so liked this, Susan!

    • Thanks. It was actually based in part on my own belief system. I have studied many religions, and the ancient alien theory is the only one that appeals to the scientist in me. The time lines on evolution are not accurate for genetics of the races to have remained as pure as they have over the time we have been together on this planet and given the history of mankind’s travels, genetically we should not be as diverse as we are. That is generationally speaking. I also believe in an omnipotent God, although defining God as an entity is quite difficult. I think God is more universal than earthly religions credit. I also think that the big bang could have occurred and still have room for God. There are many religions, Christianity and Hindu in particular, that speak of heavenly beings (just read Ezekiel and tell me he wasn’t observing a spacecraft of some sort). And there are many, particularly the most ancient of Hindu, that speak directly to intergalactic warfare. I can’t say that creationism offers me anymore hope than does the theory of evolution. The ancient alien theory is the only one that offers a truly scientific sense of hope that someone out there in the universe cares.

  7. First 6 paragraphs for a novel ?

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