Legacy 2114 (Prompt 24)

December 21 2012 came and went without much ado. The fascination with apocalyptic prophecy faded and the Mayan predictions went unheeded. Nostradamus’ quatrains became nothing more than a curiosity. Scientist and Corporations argued over global warming and pollutants continued to foul up the air and water and soil. Chernobyl and Fukushima were only the tip of the iceberg. Over the next two decades several Nuclear Power Plants melted down, leaked or were struck by natural disaster affecting every continent on the globe. Before the great flooding bees and bats and a variety of pollinators had gone extinct and there were massive crop failures. Hunger and scarcity of food caused global civil unrest and governments were toppled. By 2040 all glaciers had melted and Antarctica was exposed windswept rock six months of the year. Ice only formed at the North Pole three months of the year. By the turn of the century entire coastal cities and most of the fertile soils were beneath water and the influx of fresh water into salt water systems was the cause of the great dying off of marine life in the seas and oceans.

The year was 2114. Man-kind had fallen and existed in small pockets where fresh water and fertile soil could be found. Humanity had devolved. Returning to his roots Man retreated to caves, language had reverted to basic forms. Technology was seen as an evil and did not exist outside of fire and the wheel. All the great advances of Man were erased. All in all the global population was only around 1000 persons broken up in groups of extended family units. Inbreeding began to produce serious birth defects. Each subsequent generation produced new deformities and cognitive challenges.

Due to scarcity of food, small tribes were forced to cull their own numbers when a member became too old or infirm. If a person could not contribute they were sacrificed for the better of all. Necessity took precedence over everything. Inland Cities had been abandoned because of the inability for things to grow in asphalt and concrete. We had become hunter/gatherers once more and the cycle was complete. The damage man had done to the planet had become irreversible and now he paid the consequences of his short-sightedness and the price was high. Nature had reclaimed Eden and the garden had returned to weed. Man had lost his Humanity and was no more than animal. There was no one left to ring the Death knell of our own species, no obituaries were written and when the last of the few died Man’s existence would be forgotten as Mother Earth slowly healed from the wounds we inflicted.

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10 comments on “Legacy 2114 (Prompt 24)

  1. I love how the ending implies that the planet will go on without humanity and recover. Really drives home the fact that we’re part of nature and not the unbeatable masters of all like so many people believe.

  2. That actually made me shudder, great piece 🙂

  3. Wonderful writing. The way you completed the circle of evolution of man to his devolution was the centerpiece of the story.

  4. The best and most realistic dystopian fiction I have read (if that is the right word, I don’t know), but rather tragic for mankind…lol.

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