September 1, Writing Prompt: Where Did Summer Go?

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 Where did summer go?  I will tell you where it went

In Florida, we have summer nine months of the year

It is really something to fear

Tropical storms and weeds, vines taking over everything in the garden

Temperatures that would make your heart not melt, but harden

The humid heat suffocating the life out of the breath we try to breathe

Insects large and most prolific forcing us to desire to leave



Where did summer go?  I will tell you where it went

In Florida the flowers bloom all year, the sun shines every day

I miss the chill of the night air

I miss  the leaves crunching under your feet as you walk under the colorful trees

I miss the open fires at campgrounds in the woods if you please

The smells of apple pies and cider, cinnamon and something sweet

The sounds of the geese flying south, the sounds of the birds as they tweet



Where did summer go?  I will tell you where it went

To Florida.  In the absence of Fall, Summer drove a car, it hopped a train, a plane, or took a bus

And brought its woes down here to us

The derelicts, homeless, snowbirds and other such characters unsavory

The tourists gone with their noise and pollution send others in their bravery

To clog the city sidewalks, stores, and streets, along the avenues we meet

To help the ones less fortunate, while pretending to enjoy the wealthy we greet


About S.K. Nicholls

is a steel magnolia from GA who currently resides with her rocket scientist husband in Central Florida. Even though she had a reputation as the class clown in grade school, she managed to successfully achieve a career in nursing that spanned thirty-five years. Putting down the stethoscope and picking up the pen, she started writing compelling, thought-provoking historic novels and riveting contemporary crime romps, telling it like it was and telling it like it is. Orphaned from her mother at an early age, she survived foster care, and in her youth resided in an orphanage in the North GA Mountains, the Ethel Harpst Home. Four adults call her mom and four little people call her grandmother. She enjoys reading, comedy shows, salt-water fishing, boating, and brewing Kombucha. Her family owns and operates one of the oldest and largest nudist resorts in the nation located in Florida, Cypress Cove.

29 comments on “September 1, Writing Prompt: Where Did Summer Go?

  1. So… I like my plan of moving to Ireland and just visiting Florida, lol. 9 months of summer is tooooo long for me.

  2. I can deal with the heat – and the humidity. I don’t think I could handle your critter life.

    • I added a missing word. Florida has its beauty and its ugliness. I miss Fall most of all and the changing of the season. Everything here is perpetually green. It gets boring.

      • I don’t really like fall. I think because it means winter (which is by far the longest season) is around the corner. You can feel fall in the air already. Ugh

      • Georgia has the best seasons ever anywhere. Seriously, Three months of cold winter with only a couple of days of snow, if any…just enough to cover the ground a few days and be pretty. Fires in the fireplace. Coats and hats and gloves. Spring is warm and sunny and filled with the fragrance of flowers. Nice sweater weather. Summer is hot and vegetables are prolific, pool time and beach time are fun times. Fall is all about camping and building fires, hunting deer and duck, traipsing through the woods picking muscadines and berries. Hiking in jackets and boots. I miss the four seasons severely.

      • We’ve actually talked about Georgia as a place to retire to. If I ever retire. And not until my dad is gone.

  3. Remember those days and while I miss the unique wildlife, I don’t miss the heat. Florida really is a nice place for me to visit, but living there didn’t work out.

  4. You’ve really nailed Florida down! The heat just drags on and on and on. After 20+ years, I’ve given up trying to adapt to the heat and the bugs. When we were in CA, we were camping and hiking and just generally being outside all the time. Since we moved here, I’ve retreated more and more indoors. The mosquitoes think I have the sweetest blood and they’re with us year-round 😉 I miss the four seasons of upstate NY, although I’m not sure I’d want to put up with the long winters. We’re hoping our next (and last) move will be to somewhere on the Pacific Coast.

    • Pacific Coast sounds really nice. Florida seems to have become a state for eastern seaboard retirees trying to avoid the winter weather. There are no State taxes or taxes on food/groceries here. So costs can seem more affordable, but the Orlando area is outrageous because of Disney. I love the Old World Florida places like Melbourne, Bonita Springs, Sarasota, Goodland and Marco…and they are only a short drive away. We don’t get out and enjoy it like we should because we are always so busy/tired. We will probably come to miss it some day when it is all gone.

      • Indeed. My parents were snowbirds for years. It used to annoy me that they would live down here for months every year and yet not take an interest in anything outside their trailer park. It’s sad what is happening in Florida. There are still some beautiful parts of the state and up here in the north, we still have a lot of trees and greenways. But I don’t have a sense of community like I did in CA. The majority of our city population is transient: students and politicians. It’s a shame.

      • Too cliquish here in Orlando to really develop a sense of community.

  5. We English just have rain, and then more rain 😉 Great piece, loved the descriptiveness of it.

  6. To borrow from words someone else said, ” One man’s garbage is another man’s treason.” We get so used to our everyday, we grow tired of it but to the snowbird’s the weather warms their bones.

    I liked how you explained where the summer went.

  7. I used to feel this way when I lived in the French Quarter – it’s a lovely place to live but way too many tourists. I don’t miss the bugs – I do terribly miss the humidity.

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