The Bad Plot to Steal Summer Forever (Prompt)

This is for Where did Summer go prompt!

// Note: this is where Summer and all Summers almost went…. (dun dun dun)

The small room was dark. It had been dark for ages, there had been a time that a man called this his home but now the rough stone walls were nothing more than a place for the spiders to hang their curtains. It had been dark for so long that the small scampering inhabitants forgot that there existed other colors than black, gray and a slightly lighter shade of black.

There was a flash of color and for the briefest of moments the room no longer felt so dark. The rats tried to scurry away but found themselves running into the drab stone walls, the spiders had to shut all eight eyes to keep the burst of light from burning into their vision permanently. The color faded and loud scuffling noises broke the normal hushed tones of the room. A deep baritone voice boomed out, “Damnit! I don’t remember that rock being there. Ouch! Or that one. I need some light.”

An orb of pale light grew between the hands of a tall man. The light flickered over his unkempt dark hair and revealed his shirtless torso of pale skin stretching over his muscles. He moved his right hand and the orb seemed to drift with it, he made a gesture and the orb stayed stationary in the room. A flicker of color shot across his serpent tattoo that snaked around his forearm.

His deep blue eyes seemed to drink in the room and a smile appeared below his scraggly beard. “I am free at last. I thought I would never have my leave of that woman and her prattling. I shall have my revenge though.”

His eyes flicked over to a wall where behind the dust and spider curtains faint lines of writing could be made out. He walked over and began to brush aside the dirt and cobwebs. With each brush the writing was revealed and it almost seemed his grin widened. There it was, his plan.

A strange noise reverberated around him. It was the oddest sound, it had a bizarre pulse that ebbed and waxed until it finally faded. “What was that?” He wondered. His face broke out in a slight puzzlement when the expected retort didn’t come. Damn that woman, he missed the sound of her berating thoughts. In the other room, he heard voices. It sounded like a man and a woman.

“So funny boy, where have you gotten us lost this time?”

“Well obviously somewhere dark,” the man said.

“I can see that, or rather not see. It is dark.”

“I do believe I mentioned that, yes. Here let me just adjust…” A slight whirring pitch accompanied his final words and then a shout of, “Aha, and let there be light.”

“You know, I don’t think it was meant to be used like that.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Oh no reason, so where are we?” The girl asked

“In a not as dark crypt of some sort. Very interesting. I would say somewhere in Wales. Do you see these ancient Celtic markings?”

“Yes, what do they mean?”

“I don’t know, look there is a door to another room.” The man said with a burst of enthusiasm.

The tall man waited as the footsteps approached. He saw a man step through the doorway wearing a rather odd suit with a purple bow-tie and crazy slicked hair. In his hand he had a silver and gold cylindrical object with a bright green light. The man in the odd suit looked over at him and gave a brief pause then said, “Oh, hey there. That is a nifty trick with the ball of light. I guess I won’t be needing this.” He opened his suit coat and pocketed the strange device.

A young lady followed up behind him with a cute dimpled smile and dark brown hair that curved around her face in a stylish cut. “Oh!” Was all she said upon seeing the tall man. The man in the suit looked over and gave a large grin, “Hello there, I am The Doctor and this is my travelling, well right now, nuisance.”

“Hey there,” the girl said with a hurt tone but the tall man could see the twinkle in her eye. She looked over at him and said, “My name is Clara.”

The tall man looked at them in silence. It had been a bit of a time since he had an actual conversation like this with people and he began to stumble out, “You can call me…” He paused then continued after a moment of thought, “You can call me D.”

“D, that is an interesting name. I like it; it’s short, hard to forget.” The Doctor said in his jovial tone. The Doctor looked behind D and his eyes lit up at the symbols on the wall there. D took a step back trying to cover it up.

“Hey there, that does look like fun. Let me see what you have going on there.” The Doctor walked forward and began to bend around D looking at the wall. Clara followed him and whispered in his ear. “Do you know what any of this means?”

The Doctor looked over at her, a blank stare on his face. “Yes, well, no, not really. Do you know what it means?”

“Why would I know what it means?”

D interrupted their hushed conversation, “It was nice of you to come visit but I am in the process of starting something rather big and I would appreciate it if you would leave.”

“Something big you say?” The Doctor asked with puzzlement.

“Yes, it will be something rather grand, if I don’t mind saying so.” D couldn’t help but gloat. She would have appreciated it; well it would have annoyed her anyway. It so rankled her when he gloated.

“Wait a minute; I was looking at this wrong.” The Doctor shouted to no one in particular and then bent down with his head upside down. “Oh, now I see. This is clever, very clever indeed.”

D could only but help smile. He did like a little bit of praise. “Thank you.”

“If I am reading this right, you plan on manipulating the planet’s atmosphere creating a thick barrier and removing summer forever. Earth would become forever winter. It almost sounds like something out of a children’s book.”

“Oh Doctor we can’t have that. How do you plan on us stopping him.” Clara said in an almost cheerful tone. The mere thought of them stopping him was an insult.

“Stop me? I am the great D! I can not be stopped!”

“Wait, D, I know you. You’ve been that rascal chap messing around with time. If I recall you were rather fighting for the planet not trying to hurt it.”

“Do you have any idea what it is like to spend ages locked up in someone’s head? You become so consumed with their life and it all becomes a big tangled mess?”

The Doctor began to speak, “Well I don’t recall ever having something like that—“

“I have. I got over it.” Clara said simply.

“Well I plan on having my revenge!” D shouted out, his voice echoing around them.

“I’m sorry, but we really can’t allow that.” The jovial tone was completely gone from The Doctor’s voice.

“You cannot stop me.” D said assured of his upcoming triumph.

“Well, I might not,” The Doctor said in a slow tepid voice, “but I do know someone who can. Wakey wakey.” He brought out his strange device and fiddled with the mechanisms on it until a shrill pitch released. Everyone covered their ears, trying to block out the sound.

A loud voice seemed to wrap around everyone as the whining sound stopped, “Oh my, D is that you?”

No, it couldn’t be. It was her! D tried to turn to run but there was nowhere to run. He turned to look back at The Doctor and Clara but they were no longer there. There was just blackness. Her thoughts began to roll around him.

“D, what have you done now?”

She didn’t sound happy. Oh boy, how was he going to explain this one? He really didn’t know but he was sure with time, she might forgive him. Maybe. Maybe he could blame it on her eating cheese and drinking alcohol before going to bed that night. There we go. He had his new plan.

// Katie forgive me but I just had this story idea and I had to run with it.


About Bradley Corbett

Bradley is a total geek. He loves all thing Science Fiction, Fantasy and is always up for a good pen and paper roleplaying experience.

11 comments on “The Bad Plot to Steal Summer Forever (Prompt)

  1. Reblogged this on Green Embers and commented:

    Hey A, I found your missing D! (Betcha didn’t know he was missing, lol)

  2. D and the Doctor and Clara. This made my week. This made my entire year!! That was awesome. Welcome back to the internet, Katie. 🙂

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