The Letter

This is my first ever post and I am truly honoured to be asked to take part in this wonderful community. I have decided to share with you a piece that I wrote for another group based on a pre-determined theme. The theme was to create a story which included a teenager, an animal shelter and a golden orb. This is what I came up with and it is a piece of which I am really proud. I hope that you enjoy it.

The Letter

Dear Mum,

I thought it was about time that I wrote to you again. It’s been a while now and I have found myself thinking over a few happy memories; the past it seems, is my best friend these days.

Do you remember when I was eight years old and we went to the beach for my birthday? It rained all day long but you still managed to make it fun – instead of building sandcastles we splashed in the puddles, and we both ended up so muddy that we had to strip down to our underwear just to get in the car. We were soaked through and frozen, but it was still the best birthday ever.

And what about when Bobby was born? Dad brought me to the hospital and I can just remember seeing your beautiful face sitting up in bed and cuddling this little red bundle. I had never seen you so proud. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Bobby too – what is he doing these days?

The memory I’ve been reliving most though is when we went to that animal shelter – you know the one, down on Cobb Lane – I don’t suppose it’s there anymore is it? I wanted a puppy and eventually you agreed that we could go and look around, do you remember? I loved that place so much that even though we didn’t get a puppy, I ended up working there as soon as I was old enough. That was the best time of my life. I wonder if it is still there now? I think I remember Suki saying that they were going to pull it down shortly after I left.

Can you believe that I’m nineteen now? Almost out of my teens. Where have those years gone?

We had such big plans didn’t we? Me, you, Dad and Bobby. I remember that we were going to travel the world and see everything that there was to see. Bobby was always so adventurous, he loved that massive golden globe that Dad brought home one day. Do you remember? The one that lived in the study? It was huge and it showed all of the countries of the world and with just one little touch and one little spin, we could go wherever we wanted to.

Bobby loved that globe – so did I. We called it the golden orb I think. I remember that you told us a story about it one day, telling us that it was magic and that all we had to do was rub it and our dreams would come true.

We completely believed you – both of us – and we spent hours rubbing that globe. Now I know that it was just your crafty way of getting us to polish it up so that it always shone in the afternoon sun; how we all laughed when you finally told us the truth.

I remember that a lot actually, laughter. I don’t hear it so much now – I guess that’s what comes from being lonely.

I still love animals. Actually, I went to the local shelter here a while ago and found this really ugly dog that no one wanted. Heaven knows what breed it is but when I looked at him I knew that I couldn’t leave him there. I didn’t have any money but they were really kind and let me come in every day to feed him and walk him and a few of the other dogs, and then when I had worked hard enough to earn him, then they let me take him away. He lives with me now – Rusty is his name. You would love him.

It was funny though when I first went to the shelter, I think they were surprised at how I spoke. You always drilled it into us that we should speak proper, remember? And despite everything that’s happened, some things have never changed. I hope that you are proud of me for that at least.

When I had to fill in the application form they didn’t believe how many qualifications I had so I had to dig out my certificates to show them – well, the certificates that I still have that is. Isn’t it funny how people perceive you based on what you wear? You always taught us not to be prejudiced and I remember that; it’s what’s inside that matters.

Rusty is here with me now actually, as I write this letter to you. He very rarely leaves my side and it’s so wonderful knowing that I have him with me as my faithful companion through each and every day.

I’ve just realised, I’ve not asked how Dad is? I hope he’s feeling okay, is he due to retire soon? I am so hopeless with the days and months, they all seem to roll into one. Perhaps I’ll get a calendar, that way I’ll be a bit more organised.

So anyway Mum, I’m going to close this letter now and I hope that you have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with me. Whenever I look back there is so much happiness and so much to celebrate and I know that you and Dad are the best parents that a girl could ever have wished for.

Take care, love to both of you and to Bobby of course.

All my love always,



As she finished writing her letter Lydia folded it carefully, making sure to get it just right like her Mum had always taught her. Beside her Rusty fidgeted and she smiled absently as she rubbed his back.

It was getting cold and late now and so she adjusted her position; she needed to get more comfortable otherwise she would not be able to walk in the morning. Once the letter was folded to her satisfaction she reached forward and adjusted the sign that lay at her feet before she carefully placed the letter underneath Rusty’s collar, alongside the dozen or so others that she would never send.

Moving her feet one last time she propped the sign up and settled down to sleep, hoping that anyone passing would read her handmade board and drop a few coppers into her hat.

Homeless – any spare change much appreciated. Thank You.

She had even written the sign properly. Her Mum would be so proud.


© Jade Reyner 2013

About Jade Reyner

I am on a huge writing journey. I started my first novel just over two years ago and I am now proud to say that I have written nearly three. My dream is to become a published author and I am now working very hard, along with an editor, to accomplish that goal. Other than writing I love my family, cats and chocolate! Feel free to say Hi! :-)

13 comments on “The Letter

  1. Really great story and a heart-wrenching ending. Shows that we never know the stories behind many of the people we see on the street.

  2. Wait … Before I leave my comment, do not apologize for the ending, Jade :). It’s perfect! Yes, it’s sad but that’s what makes the story. I knew something had to be amiss as I read the letter but I couldn’t think what it was. I wasn’t prepared to think of this sweet young girl as homeless. But it is perfect. It fits everything together so nicely. Indeed, you are right to be proud of this story 🙂

  3. for this being your first post, you did an excellent job. I was impressed and had to re-read the story. It’s a sad one but very intriguing as I wished I could hear more about the girl in the story and her family.

    • Thank you so much – and in all probability you may be able to read more at a later date. I am considering using it as a base for a novel once I have finished the WIP’s that I am on. Thank you for reading. 🙂

  4. That was a beautiful story, there was an under current running underneath, you knew something wasn’t right. Then ending was great, for the story anyway… well done 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I am glad that so many people have enjoyed the story despite the ending. But without the ending it wouldn’t have worked. I am a big fan of twists at the end. Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

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