Erotica week! Submit to us (he he)

This week’s theme is Erotica! So “come one come all?” Write us your best erotica pieces of 1500 words or less or choose a piece you already have and submit that. We will also accept tasteful erotic photographs, artwork, excerpts and poetry. To submit a piece, please see our submission guidelines page above.

This will last all week until next Sunday. We will still be accepting all other regular submissions as well. Have fun with it people!

To get things started, here is a piece by Charles Yallowitz and Ionia Martin:

Starting with a warm embrace
and kiss to warm their cores
their brewing passion bursting forth
held back for far too long
tonight the dam has been torn down

With nothing but thoughts
wishes and prayers
in this dusky moonlight
two souls laid bare

Their lips touch
a spark within their chests
bodies pressing
as if to merge as one
hands pulling at their clothes

Flame ignites as moans grow long
singing this melody to passion’s song
hearts held away from love’s desires
able now to unleash the fire

A trail of clothes left behind
most torn in desire’s eruption
the lovers do not make it far
lips and hands exploring
pressed against the hallway wall

Fingers clawing to find hold
desperate to hang on so tight
grasping,searching tongues at play
making up for a lifetime in a single night

Lips run along soft skin
sweet sweat beading
each finding the others spots
moans becoming muffled screams
that will forever bless their dreams

Eyes locked in final bliss
sealed with a desperate kiss
hearts pounding as both release
neighbours peek as the screams cease

About Ionia Froment

book blogger and reviewer, mother of four boys, classical pianist and amateur photographer. I love reading, writing, music and learning to cook new and unusual dishes. You can usually find me with my nose buried in a book unless I have the opportunity to be walking on the beach collecting seashells:)

49 comments on “Erotica week! Submit to us (he he)

  1. I blushed reading it – well done! I wonder if I have it in me to write something like this, grin.

  2. I already have my idea for this one. I’ll see if I can write it this evening, muwahahaha. Great poem you two. Very um sensual. For having an unwedding you two certainly surprise me at times, ahahaha. 🙂

  3. Sounds like a great project. Erotica is an interesting genre. Not sure I know how to write it though. Can only try.

  4. how naughty are we allowed to get…???

  5. Reblogged this on Fiction Favorites and commented:

    You may want to join in. looks like an interesting week.

  6. Reblogged this on Julian Froment's Blog and commented:

    Come join in the fun. Get busy – writing.

  7. Great poem. Those pesky neighours are always poking.Gotta keep the windows shut.

  8. […] taking up the erotica challenge made by Ionia and I’m going to do something different.  I’m going to tell a sex scene […]

  9. Yes, well, thanks to your encouragement, my little scenes have grown into a story much too long (and incomplete) to post here.

  10. i will enjoy reading from the sidelines. I am not a prude, i am just not inspired anymore.

  11. […] It’s Erotica Week over at the Community Storyboard! The “Submission” post can be found here https://neverendingstorydepository.wordpress.com/2013/09/15/erotica-week-submit-to-us-he-he/ […]

  12. Interesting collaboration… 0_o
    *wipes mouth with back of hand*

  13. One day, already I am hooked. Great poem, you two, and so much diversity in creativity from others.

  14. Reblogged this on mybrandofgenius and commented:

    The Community Storyboard has it going on. This erotica genre submission is going on all week, and seems to be quite popular! Check it out! Bring it on! Join the fun!

  15. […] Well, there’s that prompt over at the Community Storyboard. . […]

  16. […] erotica! It’s just not our thing. But if it is yours, head over to the Community Storyboard for this week’s prompts […]

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