Love and Lust- No Words (Adult Content for Erotica Week)

Submitted by Busy Mind Thinking.

The instructions are clear. He is to arrive at the house 7:00 P.M. sharp. They are to spend an evening speaking through body language only – no words! He is uncertain if this can be done, but the pleasure that has been eluded to, makes it worth the effort. He rings the bell in anticipation…

She goes to the door, reminding herself, no words! No verbal greeting.

When his eyes meet hers, there is no need for words. He allows his eyes to travel the length of her. She is clothed only in a see-through, white lace dress. He allows his eyes to linger on the fullness of her breasts, on the delicate lace flower that conceals her womanhood. He feels as though he has entered a home he has not lived in for the past five years; that he is seeing this woman, his wife, for the first time. He feels lust and struggles to maintain his composure.

Lips meet…a silent greeting…filled with hunger and arousal. She allows him to lightly explore the texture of her dress and then pulls away…fire in her eyes. Too soon they part he feels…he’s breathless.

She indicates by gesture he is to enter the dining room. The aroma that greeted him at the door was enhanced by the care she had used in decorating the room. Hung from the ceiling were lengthy pieces of white lace fabric. At the table, they would be enclosed in a cocoon of sensuality. The traditional romantic setting was in place; candles and flowers were displayed, music playing…but, there was something he had never seen – pictures of her – nude – were pinned to the wall…how, where, when were these taken?! He would have to look at them, and her, all through dinner. She had taken great care to pin them behind where she would be seated. He could feel his manhood responding to the visual language of the eyes. Dinner was going to be a challenge.

No conversation – her instructions were implicit; and he found himself being thankful for that now, because he couldn’t concentrate on conversation if his life depended on it. Ordinarily, he was a slow eater, savoring every morsel; tonight, he couldn’t shovel the food in fast enough…

She was watching his eyes…traveling over her…gazing at her pictures. This was what she had wanted. Desire. She was also not oblivious to how quickly he was eating. This made her smile…

and he noticed…was she reading his thoughts? The idea made him blush. But why? This was his wife! Yet, he was blushing like a school boy, caught with a magazine in hand…

When she removed the plates, the indication was to remain seated…dessert was to follow. He longed to just pick her up and take her upstairs…dessert could be served there. He utilized her time away from the table to get a better look at her pictures….torture…he’d best walk away.

When she returned to the dining area…his jaw dropped. She was completely naked! In all their years together, she had never dined in the nude! What was this all about?! He told himself to shut-up and enjoy! Pie with whipped cream. As she bent to set the dish before him, ever so slightly she moved, that her nipple would be coated in the cream. No request was needed. He suckled at the cream, trying not to expend himself too soon. Playfully she pulled away – greedily he tugged.

Before she moved away from him, she set his groin on fire by kissing him so intensely, biting on his lip, his tongue…that he felt he was going to lose control. She smiled into his eyes…watching his desire mount…everything was going according to plan. She had anticipated dessert would not last long. She was not disappointed. Quietly she removed the dishes…slowly sauntering to the kitchen.

Who was this woman, he asked himself? He had never seen this side of her before…erotic,sexy, master of her own devices. If this is what rekindling romance meant, he wanted it, and he wanted it badly.

Within seconds she had returned. Dishes would not be done this evening.

She turned to the stereo and adjusted the volume slightly. An extended hand. An invitation to dance. She knew this would drive him crazy. Hands on her bare body, swaying ever so slowly; the sheer wild abandonment at being caught dancing naked in their home…she could feel herself tremor in anticipation of his touch…

One song, he questioned, could he just make it through one song?! She led him to the center of the living room. There, he was guided for placement of his hands. The formal placement, that is. Still, his hands were on fire…her flesh burning its way into his body. How long was this song, he wondered? But suddenly, he lost track and allowed the music to manage his soul…to distract him from the moment…until

…her hands found their way to the buttons on his shirt. Ever so slowly – so tantalizingly – she undid them, one-by-one…trailing kisses down his chest while doing so. This woman was a vixen! Where had this nymph been hiding?

Shirt removed, so that chests now… were bare skin on bare skin. Resilience lost, his mouth found its way to the arch of her neck. He knew this would get to her. He could feel passion causing her body to quake in his firm grasp. She had planned the evening; but two could play at this game! Currently, he felt he was on the winning end…

Her breath was coming faster…as the song ended. Saved! She moved from his embrace just long enough to blow out the candles. Then she took his hand, clothes left where they had been deposited, and led him up the stairs. She stopped at the entrance of the bathroom and indicated he was to remain just outside the door. She went in. Within moments he heard the running of bath water. He could smell the scent of the candles, the salts she had added to the bath water, perfume…

The door opened…she was now dressed in the sexiest lingerie he had ever seen. Make-up had been re-applied. Devilish! She was not getting in the bath with that on! His mind tangled. His pulse raced.

She motioned for him to enter and began to undo his pants. She lingered as she slid them down his hips. Everything she was doing had purpose, intent. Naked…he slid into the warm water. His erection could not be ignored. She gave him a knowing smile…but did not offer to relieve the tension she had created.

He thought she would exit the bathroom while he bathed, preparing for their next adventure, the bedroom; but she didn’t… instead, she took a sponge and began to bathe him. He wanted to pull her in…take her right there…but he resisted and prayed for strength to not give in to the urge he so longed to fill. He knew she was utilizing this time to intensify his needs…and it was working. He was her slave.

After what felt like eternity, he was invited to stand up. She took it upon herself to towel dry him. He could feel the heat of her hands through the towel! How that was possible, he had no idea, yet he could!
The comfort he had found in the bath water, returned as quickly as it had vanished; there was no hiding his desire. She indicated with her hand, he was to remain there, momentarily…

She took the candles and brought them to the bedroom. Of this room, she was particularly proud. Goosebumps pricked her skin…her mind raced…what would he think? Before her mind could run away with her, she returned to him. She took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom…stopping long enough to kiss him hard and full on the mouth, no going back now, she thought. She slowly opened the bedroom door and led him just inside.

His eyes darted across the room…trying to take it all in. A table at the end of the bed…instruments of pleasure…he could not conceal his astonishment and almost broke his avowed silence.

She looked up into his face for a sign of approval. It was there. The final step…she offered him a blindfold. He stared the question into her eyes…she wanted to blindfold him? But, she ever so slowly turned her back to him…

As he placed the blindfold around her eyes, his heart beat for many reasons… for understanding, for romance, for love, for the implicit trust in him that she was offering. He would not disappoint.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.

7 comments on “Love and Lust- No Words (Adult Content for Erotica Week)

  1. Whoa! You should be damn proud of this!

  2. Holy schnikeys! Belinda you vixen! Ha! I knew it! Like I said, write it and I will buy it. Wow.

  3. Oh Belinda. I don’t even read erotica, but now I want to start! How divinely sexy. I love the trust shown. I am ready now to see what comes after the blindfold….keep writing.

  4. Oh my, that was hot, with just the right touch of vulnerability, well done. That’s another one that makes me want to lie down in a darkened room after reading, lol 🙂

  5. Belinda, I think we need to take you on another tour. this was hot

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