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Excerpt from Untitled Erotica (Adult Content)

Submitted by Mark Paxson.

(What follows is an excerpt from an erotica short story I am working on.  It’s about a lobbyist and a legislator – an actual true story where I live as the papers reported a couple of months ago about a legislator and lobbyist who had started dating.  I took that idea and ran with it.  The story is about a lobbyist who meets with a legislator to try to get his vote on a bill there’s no chance he’ll ever vote for.  One thing leads to another  Below is their first “interaction” if you know what I mean.  And, it is most definitely rated X.)


I arrived at the Palm Springs resort where the conference was located the night before.  As I stood at the hotel desk, I was joined by an attractive woman with long blond hair and hips to die for.  Jill was right behind me and then standing at the counter next to me, checking in for the weekend.

I gave her the once over.  Actually, I really didn’t.  I stopped and I lingered as I looked at her.  She was beautiful.  She glanced over to me at one point.  “Hey, Tom,” Jill said brightly before returning her attention to the desk clerk before her.

“Jill,” was all I could muster in response.  I noticed the line of her neck.  That she was wearing a sleeveless top so I could see how smooth and freckled her shoulders were.  Moving down, I admired her slender waist and full hips.  I finished my inspection.  A skirt that reached to just above her knees allowed a glimpse of firm calves.  As I looked at them, she lifted one foot and rubbed the back of her other leg with it.  My, oh my.

I took my key card and bags and walked into the elevator on the other side of the lobby, regretting that I couldn’t come up with an easy excuse for staying behind and continuing my inspection.  I pushed the button for the eighth floor and waited.  Just as the doors were about to close, I could hear the sound of heels clattering on the lobby floor and Jill danced into the elevator ahead of the doors.  “Sorry about that,” she said.

“No problem.”

She pushed the button for the fifth floor and settled back against the wall next to me.  When the doors opened again, she picked up her bag and walked out of the elevator.  Just before the doors closed again, Jill Lobbyist looked back at me and with a smile, “Room 521.  I have something to show you.”

My heart suddenly racing, I finished my journey up three more floors and went into my room.  Well, OK, what the heck, I thought and retraced my steps to the elevator.  Once I got to the fifth floor, I got off the elevator and found Room 521.  I knocked at the door.  When she opened it, she stepped aside to let me in.  “I’m glad you came,” she said.

“What have you got to show me?” I asked.

“A little impatient, aren’t you?” she replied.  I looked at her and the little smile she had flashed at me at the hotel desk was larger now.  “Go sit down over there.”  She pointed at a chair.  “I’ll be back in a sec.”  She went into the bathroom and closed the door.  Doing as I was told, I took a seat.

A few minutes later, she came out, turning the bathroom light off as she did, leaving the hotel room dark, with just enough light coming in through the window that I could see that she was wearing a light blue negligee that barely reached her hips and a matching pair of panties.  She had kept her shoes on.

My initial impression from my glances at her during our meetings and again at the hotel desk were confirmed.  She stood a few feet in front of me, in the light filtering through the window.  Her hair framed her face.  Her eyes sparkled.  Her moist lips glistened.  Her breasts were small but perfect, her nipples visible through the thin material of her negligee.  I could see that she had a flat stomach that narrowed at the waist.  Her hips were accented by the straps of her thong panties.  With her shoes still on, the muscles of her legs were firm.  Her legs were slightly part.  Her hands were at her sides.

I liked what she had to show me.  Sensing my thoughts, she whispered to me, “This isn’t what I wanted to show you.”

She came to me then and began to unbutton my shirt with one hand, while rubbing my crotch with her other hand.  Once my shirt was unbuttoned, Jill  spread it open and began to kiss me, while her hand rubbed my chest and stomach.  She kissed my neck and whispered, “You make me hot and wet.  Even when we’re talking in your office about that stupid bill.  I want to jump the desk and fuck you,” just before flicking her tongue in my ear.  She took my hand and slid it inside her panties so I could feel just how wet she was.  “See?”

I brought her mouth back to mine and explored there with my tongue.  I began to run my hands along her body, but she stopped me.  “Nope.  Not yet.”

She began to kiss my chest and down my stomach.  While she was doing this, she rubbed my cock through my pants with one of her hands.  “You are so hard,” she said, looking up at me and smiling.  “Tell me you haven’t had the same thoughts in your office.”

I couldn’t deny it.  “Yes.  I have.  Since the moment you walked into my office that first time, I’ve wanted to feel you.  Every inch.”

“Well.  Maybe you’ll get your chance tonight.

Jill undid my belt and unzipped my pants.  Pulling them down just a little, she slid her hand down and wrapped my cock in her hand.  “So hard,” she repeated.  She kissed me again, flicking my lips with her tongue.  With both hands, she pushed my pants and underwear down further until they were down at my feet.  Her mouth began its descent down my chest again.  This time, she didn’t stop until her lips reached my cock.

Her tongue flicked the tip.  Her hands cupped my balls.  She ran her fingers lightly along the inside of my thighs as she began to take my cock in her mouth.  She was right.  It was incredibly hard.  She ran her tongue along the length of my cock and back up again, taking it in her mouth again.  Her hand encircled the base of my cock and she began to go down on it, bringing as much of it into her mouth as she could.  And, then slowly pulling back off of it.  She flicked the head with her tongue and slid her tongue down my cock again, licking my balls when she got there and proceeding to the inside of my thighs.  Kissing and licking, while her hand caressed my cock.

My hips started to move a little and she stopped.  “Nope.  Not yet.  I haven’t shown you anything yet.”  She stood up in front of me again while I kicked my clothes off my feet.

“I can’t wait to see,” I said.

She stood there for a moment and then began to move the straps of her negligee off her shoulders.  Soon, she slid the negligee down to her hips which she wiggled to get the negligee off.  Jill began to run her hands on her body, beginning at her neck and then moving to her breasts which she cupped before teasing her nipples with her fingers.  With one hand, she began to trace circles on her stomach while continuing to caress and tease one of her breasts.

One hand moved lower and reached inside her panties and she began to caress her clit.  With her eyes closed, she moved her hips back and forth and began to moan.  One hand massaging her breast while the other massaged her spot.  I sat there and watched.  If anything, my cock got harder and I so desperately wanted to get up and touch her and be inside her and feel her come.  But, I wanted to see what she had in mind.  This was her show and I wasn’t going to stop it.

Before she got too far into it, she stopped again.  Now, she turned around and let me see her ass.  The light blue straps of her panties accentuated her ass and hips perfectly.  She stood still again for a moment and then began to move her hips back and forth.  While she did so, she bent slightly forward and looked at me over her shoulder.  “This is what I wanted to show you.”

She stopped again and now slid her panties down, bending in front of me as she did so.  Standing up, she looked back at me, as she bent over and began to massage her clit with a finger.  She slid her finger inside of her.  Massaged her clit.  Slid her finger inside of her.  Massaged her clit.  She bent over further so I could clearly see what she was doing.  Her ass in front of me and her hand on her clit.  Her other hand massaged one of her breasts.  She began to moan again and move her hips back and forth.  Through the moans, she panted, “Do you like what I have to show you?”

“Yes,” I said.  I was caressing myself now.  One hand was on my cock, feeling how hard it was, rising up and down.

She turned around and saw what I was doing.  “Don’t do that.  Not yet.”  I stopped.  “I want you to come when I’m ready for it and not a moment too soon.

Jill faced me and beg anit all over again.  Caressing her breasts and nipples and, quickly, moving to her clit.  She spread her legs and with one hand massaged her clit she  moved a finger of her other hand inside her.  Moaning, she rocked her hips more and more and more.  Standing there in front of me, she came and as she did so, her knees buckled slightly and she fell to the bed.  She was up quickly, though, and came to me.

Kissing me, she caressed the length of my body.  First, with her hands.  Then, with her mouth.  Then, with her tongue.  She didn’t forget my cock and brought me close to a climax with her mouth.  But, she stopped again.  “Go lay down on the bed,” she said.  “You’re not coming until you’re inside of me.  I want to feel it there.”

Being a good listener, I did.

“Close your eyes.”

She began to kiss me again and stopped.  Soon, I felt her nipple brush my lips and I licked it and nibbled on it until she took it away.  Then she gave me her hand.  Then she kissed me again and rubbed her breasts on my chest.  Finally, she stopped and straddled me, bringing her clit down to my mouth.  I reached up with my hands and held her hips, forcing her to stay there, while I licked and sucked at her spot.  I began to make circles and rubbed her ass with my hands.  She ground down on me as I continued and she began to moan again.  She was so wet it was incredible.

She came again like that.  My tongue on her clit.  My hands on her ass.  Moaning and moving back and forth.  As soon as the waves passed, she slid down and found my cock and slid down on it.  The warmth and moistness there was perfect.  Slowly, she started to move up and down on my cock as she kissed me.  I returned her kisses with passion and force and began to thrust inside of her.  Little whimpers escaped from her as we continued to kiss and push against each other.  When I came, I wrapped my arms around her and held her, feeling my cock empty into her.  Feeling her breasts against my chest.  Feeling her body pressed against mine.  Feeling the length of her against me.  Feeling her skin against my skin.  Feeling a passion that had been missing for far too long.

An hour later, our bodies were still entwined.  I was reluctant to let go.  Jill traced a figure eight on my chest.  “So, about that bill?”

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.

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