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Excerpt of: Scandal: The Rise and Fall of the Birchmier Brothers (Adult Content)

Submitted by Dalia Daudelin, who can be found in the following site:

Website: http://daliadaudelin.com
Amazon.com author page: http://www.amazon.com/Dalia-Daudelin/e/B00BXL6XBA/
Smashwords author page: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/daliadaudelin

Cover Art for Scandal: The Rise and Fall of the Birchmier Brothers  (Click for Amazon Page)

Cover Art for Scandal: The Rise and Fall of the Birchmier Brothers (Click for Amazon Page)

“Miss Blanchard?”
Julie whirls around, her dress fluttering dramatically behind her. “Yes?”
“Mister Birchmier would like to see you. Alone.”
She freezes, then looks to me for just a split second before she’s gone. I’m left alone.
Without my guide, I gravitate to the wall where I can watch everyone else in peace. My head is spinning, but with a glass of water I’m feeling more like myself. The bright lights and music are still both infectious, but I stay glued to the wall.
A woman with a bottle of champagne pressed to her lips pushes past me, followed by three shirtless men. Another shirtless man carrying a shirtless woman over his shoulder crosses the floor going the other way. I’m surrounded by the weirdest people in the world, and it’s beautiful.
I look up at the huge clock hanging on the opposite wall. Julie’s been gone a long time. Worried, I walk in the direction that she left, hoping to find her on her way back to me. I end up in a long hotel hallway. I’m about to turn back around when Julie bursts through one of the doors and runs straight into a bathroom. Her hair is tousled and her makeup messed up. Did she just have sex with Christian?
A man steps out of the room behind her. Oh shit! It’s Christian! I step back, almost to the end of the hallway, and try to look inconspicuous as he approaches. I know he won’t know how I am with my makeup and rabbit mask.
I feel a presence near me. Turning my head, I look up into Christian’s eyes and gasp in surprise.
“I didn’t mean to scare you. You just looked lonely.” He bumps into me gently, smiling.
“N-no,” the words stumble out of my mouth. He looks up and watches the group of dancing oddities in the other room for a second.
“You know, I throw these parties every year. I never really take part in them.”
“Oh?” I answer, feeling my normal sarcastic self bubbling forward. “Not a social butterfly?”
Chuckling, he shakes his head. “No, not much of one at all. When you’re the son of one of the richest men in the world, well, you’re expected to entertain once in a while.”
We both stand against the wall quietly. Maybe he does know who I am, but how could he possibly? And anyway, he’s being too kind to know that I’m the slut he fired two weeks ago. How in the world am I going to seduce him?
“Why don’t you come somewhere quieter with me? You look like the kind of girl with a lot of secrets, and the best person to tell is always a stranger.” Christian takes a step back and holds out his hand. I look at it, then up at him, and feel my heart thumping against my chest. He’s so smooth when he doesn’t hate me!
I take his hand and let him lead me into what I expect to be a hotel room but what looks more like a study. It’s full of bookshelves and a single desk with a computer on it. In the center of the room is two couches, dark and velvet.
Remembering the camera and my whole reason for even being here, I place my purse on a bookshelf and press down on the hidden pocket to start the camera. When I turn around, Christian is next to me. He grabs my arms and swings me away from the bookcase before slamming me against the wall and kissing me deeply.
His fingers start to slip under my mask as he looks into my eyes. He tries to pull it up off of my face, but I push him away. “Leave it on,” I say.
“Kinky. Alright, I’ll try it.” He pulls me into another strong embrace, his soft lips pressing against mine. Sudden unexpected emotions force themselves upon me as I realize this feels right. Lust and even a bit of romance wash over me, but maybe that’s just because of how drunk I am.
Christian breaks the kiss and tips my head to the side, revealing my neck. His lips leave quick kisses on it before he bites down just hard enough to raise goosebumps on my skin.
“Ahh,” I moan, gripping his suit. He bites me again, then pulls me over to the couch. He sits down and drapes his arms over the back.
“I’d like you to choose what you do to me.”
Being in charge makes this all much more scary. I think for a second, trying to keep in character. I take a deep breath before I bend down. My black dress hikes up over my thighs. If we weren’t alone right now, I’d be giving someone a very lewd visual. The rabbit ears on my mask, heavy with plastic and fur, threaten to tip down and reveal my face.
Christian leans back against his black couch, smiling in anticipation. He doesn’t have a clue who I am. A look like that is reserved for a woman he doesn’t despise. He closes his eyes, which makes him look so sweet and innocent. It’s a strange visual in this situation. Gently, I slide my hand up his thigh, gripping at it. I want him to feel in every one of my movements how much I want him. These movements need to show him the need that burns deep within me.
Taking the clasp of his buckle, I pull it loose and slide the thick leather out from under him. My dainty hands pull at his pants, unbuttoning the golden clasp and pulling down the zipper. Christian gives me a happy sigh.
I toss back my hair before grabbing his pants. He lifts himself up so that I can easily pull them down. As soon as I see his glorious cock, my eyes widen and I hold my breath. It’s so beautiful and so big. His thick manhood is already half-hard.
Licking my lips, I take his penis in my hand. I grip it tight. Merely holding this unbelievable prick forces a moan from my lips, a shiver running up my spine. The muscles in my lower abdomen begin to tickle and my nether region becomes hot and slick with my juices.
My eyes flick up at him. I catch him watching me with a smirk on his face, but his arms stay put around the back of the couch. This man is worth billions of dollars, and still he lets me have control over his most precious asset.
“I’m going to suck your cock until you cum down my throat,” I tell him. I don’t know where this sudden sluttiness is coming from, but it feels good. Christian just smiles wider and leans his head back again, waiting for me to make my move.
His cock is so smooth. It twitches in my hand, which instinctively begins to move up and down. His foreskin slides with my hand against his shaft.
After only a few minutes, precum begins to leak from his prick. My mouth salivates. I want to taste it so bad. I lean forward, a few strands of my golden hair slipping over my shoulder. With my tongue held out as if I were about to taste an ice cream, I press it against his velvety skin.
“Ah,” he sighs, his fingers scratching against the couch. I take that as a good sign. Opening my mouth as wide as it can go, I place it over his cock. I only take the tip of his prick into my mouth at first, so that I can swirl my tongue against it and tease him. His precum is salty and gooey, a naughty taste in my mouth. I take another inch. Looking up, I see that he’s brought his hand to his mouth and is covering it an an attempt to keep himself quiet. I guess he doesn’t want to be found with me!
A quick movement and his whole member is deep down my throat. My gag reflex is going to kick in soon, but I hold myself down as long as I can. Christian’s thighs quiver beneath me. The hand that isn’t covering his mouth is gripping the couch tight as he writhes in ecstasy.
With a few coughs and sputters, I lift my head and choke in some air. As soon as I’m composed, I go back to work, though. My head bobbing up and down, I tease this billionaire man as much as possible. He gasps and moans beneath his hand, his hips scooting down to get his cock closer to me.
I pull my head up and look at him, waiting for him to notice that I’ve stopped sucking him off. “I am going to ride you until you come in me, now.”

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.

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