I Am Yours And You Are Mine – Erotica Theme

I thought I’d try my hand at another poetry piece for the erotica challenge. After reading the others, I thought perhaps my short story was a little tame so here goes 😉

I watch your eyes as you close the door,

Blackened ink and silver ore,

They trail a path along my flesh

That stops my heart and steals my breath.

I lay across crisp sheets of gold

My skin is bare yet I feel no cold.

I wait and wonder what will be,

Undressed and hard you walk to me.

You tie my hands up over head,

Satin ribbons on a wrought iron bed.

I am yours, to mark and tease,

I want this now, I need it, please.

You trace your tongue across one breast,

The hardened tip, my pleasure confessed.

Almost pain as your teeth bite down,

But then release and I fear I’ll drown.

Your hand moves lower, soft and slow,

Then fingers touch my burning core.

You tease the bud that feeds my fire

I arch my back and I lift up higher.

You dip inside, one finger first

Then add another to quench my thirst.

The scent of me it calls you low,

You use your tongue, you taste my flow.

Your fingers leave and I gasp in sorrow,

But then your rod invades the hollow.

It fills me whole and I scream your name,

You are the animal I cannot tame.

Sated bliss on dampened sheets,

We ride the waves, our fire depletes.

We breathe in time and stay supine,

I am yours and you are mine.

About helenmidgley

Helen Midgley likes to think of herself as a cross between Dawn French and Kate Moss. She has been in the witness protection programme for a number of years and once lived in Brighton as a bearded mechanic called Dave! Her current incarnation is as a part-time Journalism & Media tutor at a small FE College in Yorkshire. She has survived cancer, dandruff and athlete’s foot and has a penchant for black humour and red wine.

12 comments on “I Am Yours And You Are Mine – Erotica Theme

  1. Reblogged this on helen midgley and commented:

    I’m not sure if Erotica is for me but it’s certainly fun trying 😉

  2. That was very intense. Better get a cold shower.

  3. Definitely don’t have to worry about this one being tame. Very well done.

  4. Okay Helen. I asked Charles the same question; who is your instructor? Great job.

  5. Yikes. Looks like I’m going to need to give my wife some green M & M’s tonight… he he he This one isn’t tame at all Helen. Nicely done, very nicely done.

  6. This is one nice poem…. I love erotica (I hide behind the curtains of cyberspace when I write it. Tell me about this).

    Lust in the air as more feel grab me by the pigtails
    Go with you to your motel, after your shoe sales,
    I look at you and my boobs swell, not that I have to tell,
    Boy I gonna stick to you, and you stick on me,
    Suck on your dick, guzzle your slick
    You suck on pussy, and mine’s right
    Can’t promise the door is tight, but pussy is pussy, after midnight.
    Sit back on the couch, and lemme do my thing,
    You can see me strip, and I can see you drip
    It’s cool we jet, the mood set
    My pussy wet, rubbing on your face,
    My body moving, booty shaking
    My titties bouncing, you smiling, lookin’ at me
    You loving the way I shake my ass,
    bouncin’, got ya’ tippin’ ya’ glass,
    I don’t do this kinda thingy but I got a thing for you
    I wanna you fuck me, get stuck to me.

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