The Erotic Journeys Of Jenny-First Installment (Erotica)

*These writings contain explicit material and subject matter

Jenny didn’t want a relationship having just got out of a marriage. She and her husband of eight years had separated a few months earlier. Her daughter from a previous marriage had found a camera hidden in her room that her husband had put there. He had tried to assure Jenny that he had only put it there to ensure that Jenny’s teenage daughter wasn’t having sex with her boyfriend. She thought of reporting it to the police, but her husband was a pillar of the community and an upstanding member of the church and she didn’t think anyone would believe her after he deleted all the evidence. He moved out of the marital home and agreed to a divorce as not to upset their standing in church and community.

Jenny felt betrayed and undesired by the whole affair. She cut her hair and dyed it black with purple streaks and at the urging of her friends she put up a dating profile on one of those online dating sites. Her mailbox was flooded with responses, most from married men and perverts. One of the first messages she opened was from a user called Ziggy and had a photo of his well-hung penis attached. At first she was shocked, but she was also curious and curiosity had gotten the better of her so she responded. They arranged in messages to talk on Skype later that evening.

The call came on Skype and Jenny answered it. Ziggy popped up on her screen. He was an older man of around fifty, his head was clean shaven and he sported a well-trimmed goatee. He was not a handsome man by any stretch, merely average. He sat naked in front of the monitor and she watched as he stroked his long thick penis. Jenny’s lips had gone dry and she licked them as she watched him jerking himself off. She found her own hands moving unconsciously over her breasts, popping the buttons on her blouse. She pinched her exposed nipple between thumb and finger as her other hand slipped between her thighs. She leaned back in her chair and her fingers sank into the damp warmth while her thumb played with her clitoris. She was a little astonished how aroused she was. She could feel the excitement build within her as the cadence of Ziggy’s long slow stroking shortened and quickened and his breathing became labored. She could feel the pressure build up within her. She began to tremble and closed her thighs tight on her one hand while her other hand squeezed the breast that hung out of bra and blouse. She squirmed and wrestled with her own orgasm as Ziggy came and thick white liquid spurted and squirted volcanic all over his hand.

The realization that the gasping naked man had also been watching her dawned on her in that moment. She quickly closed the screen and shut off the computer. She stood up and arranged her dishevelled clothing before leaving the computer room. Jenny felt shame and guilt mingle with those euphoric sensations she had just experienced. She spent the rest of the night trying to sort it all out in her head.

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10 comments on “The Erotic Journeys Of Jenny-First Installment (Erotica)

  1. The descriptions were very good. I got a little embarrassed for jenny. Seemed like an invasion into her privacy which only says “well written.”

  2. Very detailed and well written. Going the voyeurism route gives the story an interesting perspective. I did chuckle at how ‘talk on Skype’ had no talking whatsoever.

  3. Oh my! Excuse me while I pick my eyeballs up off the floor.
    I think you handled that very nicely. 😉 And only the first installment… looking forward to more.

    • lol… nothing poetic about this story or the ones that will follow…before settling in on romantic literature being my chosen genre I tinkered with the idea of writing Erotica… 🙂

  4. Nice start. Admissions to her curiosity have me intrigued to see where this is going. I remember being single at 36 and coming off of what had been (I thought) a very traditional Norman Rockwell type of relationship.

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