Erotic Attempt is as Erotic Attempt Does

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Here is my attempt at an erotic submission .

The Story by John W. howell


“So you and I agreed to do this for the Community Story Board Erotic prompt.”

“Erm . . . yes we both agreed.”

“What’s the matter? You sound like you are having second thoughts.”

“Well I have never done this in front of others before.”

“This is not a porn film. We will be telling an erotic story for heaven’s sake.”

“Oh I know, but I still feel a little funny.”

“Is that why you are sitting across the room and not on the bed with me?”

“Well to be honest your Penis is making me nervous.”

“My Penis? What do you mean?”

“I have never seen it from this distance and I have to say it looks enormous.”

“First of all we need to get something straight, no pun intended. A word like Penis is not erotic at all. You need to say things like cock, rod, shaft or manhood. Also you don’t call it enormous you say ample, throbbing, engorged, rock hard you know stuff like that.”

“Yes I understand but I am not comfortable with dirty words.”

“Dirty words? What dirty words?”

“Well to me cock sounds dirty.”

“Come over here and let’s get the story done. We need to get this thing published before the end of the week.”

“Okay. How are we going to do this?”

“I take your hand like this. I gently pull you towards me and encircle your bare and tiny waist with my arm. Your beautiful soft skin feels like satin against my rough forearm.”

“Oh I think I am getting into this. I can feel your Pen─ er manhood reaching upward to touch my thigh.”

“I pull you down onto the bed and meet your soft lips with my full mouth. I don’t want to disengage so I kiss you with a force that seems destined to pull the very life from your form.”

“I touch your chest and feel the tension in your taut muscles as I move my hand to caress your strong neck.”

“I feel the skin of your soft tummy and move slowly raising goose bumps like the soft wake of a sailboat crossing a mirror-like pond.  I gently surround your breast and squeeze while my thumb flicks at your aroused and erect nipple.”



“Soft wake of a sailboat? Really? You won’t let that go will you?”

“Shush. It is just a symbol.”

“We are not getting a sail boat.”

“Shush. I know that.”

“Don’t shush me. We have had this discussion for the last time.”

“Please forget the sailboat and let’s get back to work.”

“Work? Is that what this is to you? Get your hand off my breast and your fingers off my Vagina. We are finished here.”

“sigh. Yes dear.”


About John W. Howell

I have been working in business for over forty years and now have the time to work in special areas of interest. My passion has always been to create compelling stories of fiction. I have authored two novels and am working on my third. The first novel is still in manuscript form and being utilized as a door stop in the laundry room. The second is a contemporary fiction novel of 89,000 words and is complete and I am currently seeking a publisher. I also write poetry but have not had the guts to share any with anyone. The one time I read a piece to a person their only comment was, “it doesn’t rhyme.” I will continue to write and hopefully my blog, Fiction Favorites at www.johnwhowell.com will provide some entertainment and an interesting thought or two. I live by the Gulf of Mexico with my wife Molly and an assortment of loving pets.

34 comments on “Erotic Attempt is as Erotic Attempt Does

  1. Hahaha! I absolutely LOVE this, John. Very imaginative! Well done.

  2. That was hilarious. Too bad you don’t get the sail boat.

  3. I loved this. Brilliant concept. *sighs* wish I’d thought of it. 🙂

  4. Oh that was fab, I literally laughed out loud. 🙂

  5. LOL! Awesome! You sexy thing! 😉

  6. This was great fun – I really enjoyed it! Thank you for making me laugh. 🙂

  7. hahaha! You have such a smooth way with humor. I really liked this. This is so like my…our…relationship, my husband and I…for real…and he managed to get the cabin cruiser, which we only use on rare occasions when we can find the time to go to the Gulf, but he’s still trying for another Harley. I like that he’s still trying 🙂

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