The Erotic Journeys of Jenny-Second Installment (Erotica)

*These writings contain adult material and subject matter

Over the next couple of weeks the messages continued to flow in. She could hardly keep up with reading them all. She responded only to those that piqued her interest. She still hadn’t met any of them in the flesh, but she had cammed with a couple of them. She had set up a Skype profile with a fake screen name to do this prior to her first camming experience with Ziggy. She hadn’t heard from him since that first night.

The online dating site was beginning to consume her life. She would check her messages as soon as she woke up. She would check her messages when she was at work and sometimes even browse profiles and at night after work she would spend all her hours in front of the computer. She had dipped her toe into the online dating pool and she was longing to get her feet wet, but she needed to come up with some rules for herself first. She decided she would only date men from out of town and go on no more than two dates. The first date was to see if there was anything thing there and if there was chemistry the second date was to have sex. There would be no third or fourth dates.

Jenny had begun to exchange messages with a twenty-one year old who had expressed a desire to meet her. She was forty-six years old, definitely old enough to be his mother, but she had heard through the grape vine that her ex had already started seeing someone, a waitress at the local pizza joint a couple of years younger than her so she figured tit for tat. If he could date a younger woman she could date a younger man. His name was Scott and he was a musician according to his profile.

She agreed to meet Scott at a bar two towns over. She was full of nerves the entire drive to meet him. She came close a couple of times of turning around and going back home. She sat in her car in the parking lot of the bar for fifteen minutes working up her courage before going in. She got out of her car took a deep breath and walked through the doors of the bar. It was a Wednesday night and there were very few people in the establishment. She went to the bar and ordered herself a wine to help calm her.

She had just taken her first sip when she saw him approach her from over the rim of the wineglass. He was tall and slim, long blond hair and blue eyed. He wore a white t-shirt, his jeans were faded and had holes in them. Her eyes fell to the belt buckle above the bulge in his pants. It was a big oval buckle with an eagle wings spread in its center.

“You must be Jenny.” He said with a wink.

“And you must be Scott.” She smiled back at him

“Maybe we should grab a table where we can sit and talk for a bit.” He said and led her to a corner booth.

Jenny sat down and Scott slid in beside her. She sat with her back to the wall turned to face him and he sat with one leg folded across the other twisted into an awkward looking position. They sipped on their drinks and made small talk. He spoke a lot about music and his band. She thought he was good looking and all but she really didn’t feel any attraction to him. When he put his hand on her thigh she didn’t feel the spark.

She realized it was getting late and she had to work in the morning. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and squeezed by him, her breast brushing against his face as she passed. Scott watched her as she walked to the bathroom. She wasn’t as attractive as the pictures she had posted, but she wasn’t bad looking either. She was old, but she would do for that night. When she disappeared into the woman’s room Scott got up and followed her.

Jenny was sitting on the toilet when the door of the stall swung open and Scott was standing there. He stepped into the stall and closed the door behind him. Jenny was in shock and was speechless as she looked into the eye of the eagle on his belt buckle. He didn’t say anything, just undid his belt and opened his fly. He reached into his pants with his hand and withdrew his cock. There it was dangling in front of Jenny’s face thick and veined. Holding his cock in one hand he reached around her head and gripped a handful of her hair with the other and guided her face towards him. What the hell, why not, she thought to herself and reached up with her hand to take his cock in her hand. She wrapped her lips around the purple head of his penis and he groaned softly. Her hand slipped from the shaft to cup his balls as her mouth worked down on his shaft while her tongue curled around and tickled the underside of his helmet. His cock grew hard and she could feel it pulsate in her mouth as she worked up and down the thick shaft. His hand on her head guided her rhythm and she quickened her pace. She wasn’t prepared when he gripped her head with both hands just behind the ears and forced his entire length down her throat. She gagged and choked as he moved her head to meet his thrusts. It was all she could do to keep from puking. Her eyes were watering from the repetitive gaging and her mascara was running. She felt him tighten tense up and go rigid before he gushed into her mouth with a mighty groan.

Jenny spun around dropped to her knees and threw up while Scott fastened his pants and left. When she was done throwing up she fixed herself in the mirror. When she emerged from the lady’s room several minutes later Scott was gone. He hadn’t even paid the tab leaving her to pay the bill. She settled up with the bartender and left. She got in her car and drove home two towns away. Once home she took a shower and went to bed. She wasn’t feeling very good about herself and she would feel even worse when Scott did not contact her the next day, or the day after that, or the day after that.

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10 comments on “The Erotic Journeys of Jenny-Second Installment (Erotica)

  1. Feel sorry for her. The perils of on-line dating.

  2. Jenny! Just pull the plug on your modem!
    I think maybe you should have called this “The Erotic Perils of Jenny.” Well written though, I have to say.

  3. *ERP* Almost joined her. Very good job TJ (uh to use a phrase)

    • thank you John…sorry for the bit of spit up you may have experienced…next installment will see Jenny with the ball in her court…

  4. Good writing. Poor Jenny, used and rejected. I could gag right along with her being forced like that.

    • Thank you SK… I figured the story needed a learning curve and also a warning for those that might be considering such rendezvous to be aware of what they could be getting themselves into…

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