The Erotic Journeys of Jenny-Third Installment

*These writings contain adult material and subject matter

The day after her date with Scott, Jenny slept in and had to rush just to make it to work on time. At work she opened her screen to the dating site and saw she had thirty-six new messages. She scanned through her messages with photos of bare chested men or men baring there all attached, but she didn’t respond to any of them. After the previous night she wasn’t feeling very good about herself. She began to wonder what she wanted out of this whole experience. She knew she didn’t want it to be about blowjobs in the bathrooms of bars. She did want to feel desired and wanted; she also wanted to explore her own sexuality. She had very little in the way of sexual experience to draw upon. She had been married or in serious relationships for almost all her adult life. As a teenager she had been labeled a slut, but she was a virgin until the age of seventeen and her first time was with the man who would be her first husband.

Her children where at an age where they were pretty much independent and didn’t need her any more. Her youngest daughter and the last one living at home was sixteen and had gone to stay with her father for the summer so she had the house to herself for the next six weeks. She had spread vacation days out during this period to have every Friday and Monday off. She was totally free for the first time in her life and she intended to enjoy this time.

Patty, one of the girls that worked at the office came into the reception area and Jenny closed reduced the page on her screen that contained a message and a photo of a man with a very large member crooked to one side.

“You look a little frazzled today Jenny”

“Alana’s at her father’s for the summer and I’m all alone in that house. I’m not use to having no body around. It’s so damn difficult to sleep lately.”

Which wasn’t a complete lie, nor was it the complete truth.

“Well you know if you want to take the day off I can cover for you. Why don’t you get an early start to that first long weekend of yours?”

“Thank you Patty, I really appreciate it. Let me just finish up a few things.”

“You really need to get out more now that you’re single.”

“I’m gonna try to do that.”

Jenny closed everything on her computer and went home. When she got home she went straight to the computer and back to the dating site. She had another sixteen messages and there was a new user in her area. The phone rang. It was her friend Donna who she had not seen in ages. She had forgotten all about Donna and her husband Steve coming to visit this weekend. Donna was calling to confirm they should arrive that evening. While she was on the phone with Donna, Jenny scanned the profile of the new user who called himself The Cavalier she saved him to her favorites so she could go back and read his profile when she had more time. She hung up the phone and looked around at the mess the house was in and clutched her hair. She closed down the computer and went about straightening up the place.

Donna and Steve arrived around eight o’clock and the three of them sat around drinking wine and catching up. Jenny hadn’t eaten all day and the wine went straight to her head. She wasn’t quite sure how it happened, or who suggested the idea, but all three of them ended up in bed together exchanging saliva and other bodily fluids.

Jenny found herself exploring Donna’s sweet pink warmth with her tongue while Donna’s mouth worked her husband’s slender shaft getting him good and hard. Jenny reached up and toyed with Donna’s small pert tits. Jenny had never been with a woman before and was surprised how naturally it was coming to her. Jenny dug deep with her fingers and moved them in a come-hither motion inside the other woman who began to squirm with pleasure. Jenny took Donna’s clitoris lightly between her teeth and toyed with it with her tongue while simultaneously sucking on it and manipulating her digits inside of her. Donna began to tremble and shake and could only manage to grip and tug on Steve’s long thin prick. Steve repositioned himself behind Jenny gripping her hips with one hand he guided himself into her with the other until his full length was inside her. Jenny groaned as her own fingers responsively sunk as deep as they could into Donna who also cried out loud “Jesus Fuck!” Jenny’s tits swayed beneath her to the same rhythm of Steve’s balls slapping against the backs of her thighs. Donna went wild as Jenny’s face was shoved right up into her with each of her husband’s thrusts. Steve jerked spasmodic withdrew his penis and exploded all over Jenny’s back before collapsing and falling off to one side of the bed to recuperate. Jenny figured it was over and rolled to the other side of the be Donna laying between them. Donna leaned over and began kissing Jenny’s neck, her breasts, her navel. Donna lightly bit Jenny’s thigh before exploring Jenny with her tongue and fingers to reciprocate the favor. She could taste her husband in the other woman and this turned her on. She brought Jenny to many screaming orgasms that night before they all settled to sleep in exhausted embrace.

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22 comments on “The Erotic Journeys of Jenny-Third Installment

  1. Wow. Didn’t see that coming. Great description.

  2. Jenny’s having a busy week! What could possibly be next?

    • thank you Linda…not quite sure what’s next exactly…there are a couple of ideas I might touch on but I’m going to take the day and reflect the direction of the story now that I’ve allowed the ship to turn around…

  3. I was going to roar but now I overheated so all I can do is whimper.

    Sent from an island in the sun

  4. I agree with Charles, I did not see the ending coming. Well done again TJ.

    • thank you Papi… I like to equate writing to boxing…stand the reader up with a few stiff jabs so they don’t see the hook coming, or the uppercut to follow… never telegraph your punches…

  5. That was great! Having been in the swinger lifestyle for a while, I actually did see that coming, but thought it was very well done. That alcohol had to have made her a bit less inhibited for her first time I suppose. That last installment left me with not such a pretty sight. I am glad Jenny could have a good time…whether she knows she did or not.

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