The Erotic Journeys Of Jenny-Fourth Installment

*The following contains adult material and subject matter.

Jenny had spent three euphoric nights with the couple. It was Sunday afternoon and she was walking her guests to their car. She could still taste the couple on her lips as they pulled out of her drive way. When they had driven out of sight she went back into the house and straight to her computer. She went straight to the dating site. She had sixty-eight new messages that had come in over the weekend. She passed on reading them and went back to the profile she was looking at when she closed her computer down for her weekend visit. He looked like a younger fitter Ziggy and she found bald men attractive.

The Cavalier was a forty-three year old male his tag line was Quixote seeks his Dulcenia. He had Poet listed as a profession. Jenny chuckled, poor, she thought, but still he had that whole bad boy thing going on. He wore a shirt in all his pictures. His eyes were a sparkling blue pools anchoring subtly rough and gentle features. His description of himself consisted of one sentence followed by a poem

Moving to Cozy Cove the first week of September.

Do You Believe

Do you believe in Destiny
That which we for ourselves create
Do you believe in the intertwining intricacies
Otherwise known as Fate
Do you believe in Lovers meant to be
That somewhere out there is your Soul mate
Do you believe in Love at first sight
That moment when the eyes first meet
Do you believe that ships passing in the night
Are more than just empty vessels on the lonely street
Do you believe when something feels so right
It can make you feel in part complete
Do you believe in intense emotion
Feeling amplified a thousand fold
Do you believe in passion and devotion
That continues to grow as we grow old
Do you believe in jumping into Love’s ocean
Even if the water is a little cold
Do you believe…?
I do…

Jenny sighed. Part of her so desperately wanted to believe. She sent The Cavalier a message welcoming him to Cozy Cove. She use to believe but she had her heart ripped out one too many times. She didn’t want to feel that pain ever again. Her recent wounds had left her numb. She felt cold inside. She went back to her inbox and began cycling through her messages picking a few to respond to. Her weekend tryst with Donna and Steve had clarified what she wanted out of this whole internet dating thing. She was determined to make it about her pleasure. She was going to explore those things she had only dreamt of or read in sleazy novels that had become her standard bedside reading. She would be the one in control in all future meetings. She would stick to her two date policy, but the encounters were going to be about fulfilling her desires and fantasies.

It was getting late and she was just about to shut it down for the night when she received an incoming instant message. It was Ziggy. She clicked the icon and a text bubble popped up on the screen with the words.

“Hey Jenny. I hope everything is alright you seemed a little freaked out at the end of our session. I hope I didn’t cross any lines.”

“No lines were crossed.” Jenny typed in response

“Good. How have you been?”

“I’ve been busy, I had some friends over this weekend”

“Are you too tired to cam? I would like to see your sexy self.”

Jenny paused a moment while she considered it. “Give me a few minutes,” she typed back.

“Ok. Skype me when you are ready.”

Jenny got up from her chair and went upstairs to her bedroom. She got a sexy little black laced Teddy from her dresser. She changed into the lacy silks putting her cloths in the hamper. From the drawer in the night table by her bed she retrieved her dildo, The Rabbit. She had received it as a gift from the girls at work when her separation from her husband became public knowledge. With the vibrator in her hand she went back down stairs to the computer room. She got comfortable in her chair in front of the computer opened up her Skype and placed the call to Ziggy. He answered it quickly. He was fully clothed. He smiled, his features soft and fleshy.

“I see I came a little overdressed.” He said and chuckled when he saw her on his screen dressed in her sexy little Teddy.

“Why don’t you get comfortable?” Jenny said.

“I think I will.”

Jenny watched as he pulled the shirt over his head. His midsection was soft, but he was not fat and his skin still milky white and untouched by the sun. He stood and in front of the monitor he unbuckled his belt and unfastened his fly and slid out of his jeans and his boxers his dick dangling right in front of the camera giving her a close up of his thickly veined member. He gripped it at the base and gave it a shake to do a little dance for her before sitting down far enough back to give her a full view and close enough so he could watch her.

When he was naked and seated Jenny picked up her dildo and brought it into view.

“I want you to imagine I’m sucking your cock right now.” She said as she ran the vibrator across her lips. She wrapped her lips around the tip of rubber member and stroked it with her mouth in a long smooth motion with a slight twist of her head as she would with a real cock in her mouth. Ziggy went rigid and mimicked her rhythm with long strokes of his hand up and down his shaft. Jenny removed the dildo from her mouth pulling the panty portion of her Teddy to one side she inserted it slowly into her warm wet welcoming pussy. She moaned softly as it reached its full length and the hooked nub was firm against her clit. She clicked the vibrator on and it began to hum magically as she watched him quicken his pace.

“I want you to imagine you’re fucking me right now. Fuck me hard.” She said

“Fuck yes.” He said as he tugged frantically on his penis.

She withdrew the vibrator dripping with her juices and she licked them off. She stood up and turned around and bent over, reaching around with the vibrator, it disappeared between the engorged lips of her dripping twat. She gripped the back of the chair with her free hand and watched the monitor upside down from between her spread legs.

“I want you to fuck me from behind.” She spit out.

Ziggy had risen to his feet and his cock filled her entire screen.

The vibrator was slightly curved and it filled her up. The nub vibrating rapidly as it was pressed against her clit. Her legs began to tremble and give way beneath her as the first waves of orgasmic delight began to wash over her.

“Fuck!” Ziggy screamed as copious amounts of cum gushed from the tip of his penis shooting stringing goo all over. He collapsed in his chair and Jenny took her seat and squeezed her thighs together to hold on to the echoes of pleasure. Both of them were out of breath and panting.

“Well that was something else.” Ziggy said between gasping breaths.

“It was at that.” Jenny said.

“So when do you want to do this again?” He asked when he had caught his breath.

“How about Wednesday eleven o’clock.”

“I’ll be there.” He said.

Jenny shut down the computer and went to bed and dreamt warm wet dreams.

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11 comments on “The Erotic Journeys Of Jenny-Fourth Installment

  1. Yes, well…
    Why aren’t there two like buttons on this thing? 😉

    • I am glad you are enjoying the story… 🙂 I am wondering if this is the sort of thing The Community Storyboard expected when announcing an Erotica Week…
      It’s Thursday right…I assume the week ends on Sunday,.. so I have a few more installments to mull over… 😉

  2. Great stuff. looking forward to the next.

    • thank you John… I am enjoying stretching my writing chops… I briefly considered writing erotica when I was younger but decided against it… I like to believe I am capable of tackling any genre…
      I hope the next installment doesn’t disappoint

  3. Okay, so you have a new fan (or a few) for your new writing. I was worried for Jenny after that second installment, but she seems to have regained her self respect and moved forward. I truly admire your writing style. The poem was a very nice touch. I know erotica is supposed to be about the raw physical experience and less about emotion, but I would really like to see The Cavalier Quixote and Jenny find a way. it is possible to have both love/emotion and raw physical pleasure, no?

    • thank you SK I still have a few twists left in Jenny’s tale… and I am breaking convention in Erotica by developing on the emotional aspect, but we will see when it’s done if it has it’s desired effect…and if I can pull off what I hope to achieve with this story…

      • I like that she is back in the driver’s seat, but a little bit curious as to why she chose camming with Ziggy again over possible connecting with the Quixote guy. I guess maybe she likes being back in control, but not quite ready for relationship. maybe, maybe not? Anyway, I enjoyed reading them in sequence. They need links edited in on the page now that there are so many submissions this week…took me forever to find where to start. I am looking forward to more. Your voice is powerful, but not the sort of noir feel to it that I see in some of your other writing. Sorry for the ton of notifications in one sitting.

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