The Erotic Journeys of Jenny-Fifth installment.

*The following material contains mature subject matter.

Jenny lay naked on the mattress she had bought at the Goodwill so she could have a few encounters in the safety of her own home without having to foul up her own bed. The mattress lay in the middle of the floor with no box spring or frame. The basement was lit with over two dozen candles of different sorts, sizes and colors. The candles weren’t for romance; they were props for acting out that night’s fantasy. For this fantasy she had chosen Darryl who worked at the window factory in town and lived between Cozy Cove and the next town. Darryl’s father had just died and he seemed harmless enough, in fact she kind of took pity on him. Besides he didn’t send her any pictures of his penis in any of his messages. He was tall and thin with wavy dirty blonde hair and a small mustache that looked like the mustache a fifteen year old would grow, but he was forty-eight. She had explained in detail exactly what she wanted him to do and how she would reward him.

He was bare chested but still in his jeans. He knelt beside her upon the mattress and reached for a candle, a thick candle with a moat of molten wax. His hand trembled slightly as he held the candle hovering inches above her exposed flesh, just above her navel. Slowly he tipped the candle and let the wax drip one large drop. Jenny winced as the hot wax splashed on belly. Liquid cooled and hardened on her flesh quickly but not quite quickly enough. She bit her tongue to keep from screaming.

“A little higher, not so close.” She said

He raised the candle a couple of inches and again he tipped it and the pooling wax speckled her bare skin faded blue spots ringed by rosy flesh.

“My nipples, do my nipples.” She gasped.

Darryl moved the candle up her body allowing for the wax to drip until he reached her nipples where he allowed the wax too pool first a bit before spilling it on one breast and then the other. Jenny squinched her eyes, bit her bottom lip and clenched her own hair as she wreathed and writhed in agony that bordered on ecstasy. She could feel how wet she was. She wanted a cock inside her. She sat up and unbuttoned his jeans yanking them and his briefs over his slender hips. Jenny was disappointed. He had a really small cock that sprung up as soon as it was free from his pants. She could only hope he knew how to use it. His dick disappeared in her palm when she gripped it firmly with one hand.

“Before you fuck me you’re gonna eat me!”

Jenny let go of his cock, eased herself back, her legs folded beneath her and she grabbed a handful of his hair. She shoved his face into her warm wet pussy. He was very inept down there lapping like a dog. She grabbed another handful of his hair and grinded her cunt against his mouth controlling the pressure herself by holding his head still and gyrating her hips. When she was as close as she figured he could get her she pulled him up and commanded, “Fuck me now! Fuck me hard!” She rolled on her knees and elbows and thrust her ass in the air. He gripped her hips while she reached back with her hand and guided him inside of her. His cock was so small that when he was fucking her she could feel him more on the outside than she could on the inside. He thrust hard and fast, in and out, his fingers dug into her fleshy hips. She found feel his hips crash against her ass, but she could hardly feel him inside her. She was happy that Darryl was a man of little control and it was over within a minute. When he came and collapsed she sprung up and started to leave before turning to say. “ I have to work in the morning. I’m going to take a shower. You can let yourself out.”

“So when can I see you again?” Darryl asked.

“You already knew the deal, this was a onetime thing.” Jenny said and then vanished up the stairs. She ran the water to take a shower and peeled the wax off her chest and abdomen. When she had washed up and come back downstairs Darryl was gone. Still wanting to be satisfied, Jenny went to her computer and clicked on Skype. She clicked Ziggy’s icon and he answered. She smiled and opened her robe to let her breast hang out. She finished herself off with the Rabbit while watching Ziggy pull his prick all the while thinking if Darryl had a cock like Ziggy’s this session wouldn’t be necessary tonight.

Jenny was about to go to bed when she decided she should check her messages and email first. She quickly cycled through her messages responded to none of them. She was still feeling discouraged and frustrated by the results of her carefully planned night. She went to her email and her spirits were lifted immediately when she saw an email from Jim. She clicked on it as soon as she saw it in her inbox. Over the last couple of weeks she had developed a special correspondence with Jim, The Cavalier. She looked forward to his emails. Despite having never met she felt extremely close to this man. They shared their dreams and aspirations and he made her feel special. The day of his move was growing ever nearer and she began to anticipate the day she could meet this man in the flesh.

In the weeks immediately after her manage a trois with Donna and Steve Jenny had gone on at least a date every day, most days two dates, the earlier date with a prospect for a future fuck date. She had set up the mattress in the basement so she could control living out her riskier fantasies, but she limited these in number. Through it all she stood firm on her two date rule. Having kept her dating life a secret over the same period she was pestered by friends and family to get back into the market until she agreed to meet a widower who was the father of one of her middle daughters friends. Dave was a sweet man, successful and wealthy but she didn’t feel any sparks and all he did was talk about his dead wife which was endearing but also depressing. Labour day weekend was coming quick. Her summer was almost over and her daughter would soon be home and Jim would be making his move to Cozy Cove.

She reread Jim’s email and sighed. He had such a way of evoking emotion in her. She responded before going to bed. She awoke the next morning and went to work where for most of the time she responded to messages and arranged dates. Most of the men were married or in a relationship which didn’t bother her too much. In fact she found being the other woman sort of a turn on. One message in particular stood out to her from a fellow with the screen name MusicMan. It was very solicitous in nature and she couldn’t help to flirt with him. They exchanged a few messages that day and exchanged photos. Jenny was always fully clothed in all the photos she sent to men. One of the pictures was of his cock and he had a beautiful cock, a long smooth thick cock with a large purple head and a slight crook to the left. She loved the left bend on a cock as it reached her inside in a way a cock that was hung to the right could not. In one of the photos was a woman and he alluded to a possible threesome with her. He said he was having a little get together at his cottage on the Labor Day weekend that was going to be a lot of fun of the adult nature. The thought of a sex party intrigued her and she could not resist responding that she would like to attend. They agreed to meet the week before the party.

That day at work Jenny’s supervisor approached her to see if she would be interested in going to the company office in Northdon for a seminar. Ziggy lived a fifteen minute drive from Northdon. She was reminded of how much she had wished Darryl had a cock like Ziggy’s and she jumped at the opportunity to go.

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5 comments on “The Erotic Journeys of Jenny-Fifth installment.

  1. Loved it! She is getting a lot more brave. I am glad that Jenny is getting to live out and explore her fantasies. She will know best when the right one comes along, and will certainly be able to gauge her preferences better. That is, if she could ever be satisfied with just one again.

    • Thank you SK… this will be a challenge to wrap up in two more installments as there is still so much I want to touch on…I am formulating in my head how I might do that.

  2. I’m loving her journey 😉

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