The Erotic Journeys of Jenny-Sixth Installment.

*The following contains adult material and subject matter

To maintain her charade Jenny had agreed to go away with Dave, the wealthy widower her daughter had set her up with. She wasn’t in the slightest bit attracted to the man. He was decent enough looking in his mid-fifties, he was kind and gentle, but not even a spark. He wanted to take her to Niagara Falls on the Labor Day weekend, but Jenny had told him she had plans for that weekend already so they agreed to go the weekend before the long weekend. She told Jim about her weekend with Dave in an email, but assured him that she had no feelings for Dave and was only going to get her family and friends off her back.

The day before she left for Niagara Falls she met the MusicMan, Ron. He was a good looking man and she was looking forward to having that beautiful cock inside her. Ron was a very smooth operator flirting with Jenny and brushing the bangs from her eyes with his long slender fingers. Jenny was so turned on during the meeting she blew Ron in his car in the parking lot behind the bar. His cock was huge and thick and she could only manage to work her mouth halfway down his shaft before the gag reflex kicked in. She sucked and slurped and tickled his cock with her tongue as he probed deep inside of her with his long slender fingers while his thumb manipulated her clit. She felt him tighten up beneath her as he groaned and moaned expletives. He filled her mouth with warm thick cum that she greedily gulped and swallowed. He continued to finger-fuck her until she came to orgasm. When they were done taking the edge off he handed her a piece of paper with directions to his cottage including a little map poorly drawn on it.

“So we will see you on the Labor Day Weekend?” Ron asked as she got out of the car

“Most definitely. I can’t wait to have that cock of yours inside me.”

“You can have anyone’s cock you want inside you at one of my parties Babe, look forward to seeing you there. Oh ya I forgot to mention there’s a bit of a masquerade theme for the party so don’t forget to wear your mask.” He said hanging out of the window before he drove off.

The next day Dave picked her up around eleven in the morning and the left for Niagara Falls for the weekend. They made small talk during the drive. They checked into the hotel. They had a suite that overlooked the Falls and the view was spectacular. There were two beds in the suite and that was a relief for Jenny who had no desire to sleep with this man. During their weekend they took in all the sights and ate at the best restaurants of the famous honeymoon destination. Jenny could see herself having a comfortable life with Dave, but no feelings other than friendship stirred in her for the man. Still they managed to have an enjoyable time with the exception of those depressing moments when he was reminded of his dearly departed wife.

Dave dropped Jenny off early Sunday evening and she went right to her computer without even unpacking. She checked her email first to see if there was a message from Jim. There was. She read and re-read it, included was a little erotic story he had written for her. She read the story and touched herself as she did. She could picture the whole scene played out in her mind. She responded to Jim’s email saying she would be there to meet him at the bus station the Saturday of the long weekend. She had forgotten all about Ron’s party. Jim had a way of making her forget everything when he wrote her. She closed her email and opened Skype and clicked on Ziggy’s icon. They masturbated for each other’s pleasure and when they were done just before signing off Jenny popped her surprise on him.

“I’m going to be in Northdon September twenty-eighth if you wanted to hook up for real.”

“Fuck yes, I can’t wait.” He said.

That week Jenny only went on two fuck dates, neither of them very satisfying. The rest of the time she spent cleaning and putting the house back in order for when her daughter got back from her visit with her father. She went shopping for Ron’s party and picked out some silky and sexy lingerie and a mask like Cat Woman wore. Friday came and she was excited and nervous all that day. She counted the minutes and watched the clock. She left her place at eight in the evening and drove forty-five minutes following the directions Ron had given her at the conclusion of their meeting. There were half a dozen cars in the long driveway when she pulled in.

She knocked on the door and Ron answered the door. She could smell the booze and cigarettes on his breath as he invited her in. There were close to twenty people from what she could count. The cottage was furnished in a combination of rustic and modern that just seemed awkward.

“Beautiful place you’ve got here.” Jenny Said.

“I’ll give you the grand tour.”

He showed her around the spacious cottage starting with living room, kitchen and dining room where he poured a glass of wine for her. He showed her were the two bathrooms were downstairs and upstairs. He showed her the three bedrooms and explained that the large bedroom was for group experiences. He explained that just by being in that room she would have given her consent to anyone else that may be in the room. The other two rooms were for more private encounters. He led her back downstairs and made the rounds introducing her to several people when he came to the woman who was in one of the photos he had sent her.

“And this is the lovely Kathy.” He said and kissed her.

“You were right dear; she is a tasty morsel, very yummy indeed.” Kathy said as she caressed Jenny’s cheek with the back of her hand.

The liquor flowed and cocaine was being snorted openly. People were mixing and mingling and exchanging saliva. Two women went upstairs with one of the men in tow. Jenny sat on the sofa and talked to Ron who was trying to gauge what this woman’s boundaries were. She seemed a little nervous, but he knew from his only meeting with her she wasn’t a prude. Kathy came over to them and took Jenny by the hand.

“Come with me.” Kathy said and led her back upstairs. The two rooms for private encounters were occupied so they went into the large room. Just inside of the doorway Kathy kissed Jenny, a long languishing kiss and Jenny could feel herself becoming aroused when the other woman pushed her back on the bed. They were kissing and fondling each other when Ron came into the room and joined them. Jenny and Kathy shared his cock, taking turns sucking it. Jenny was amazed that Kathy could take the whole length of his whole cock in her mouth. Ron arranged the women so Kathy was on her stomach and Jenny lay on her stomach on Kathy’s back. He stuck his huge rod into Kathy first and she moaned with delight. He withdrew and wedged his cock into Jenny’s pussy and she could feel him fill her up and stretch her out as he sunk into her balls deep. Gripping Jenny’s fleshy hips he fucked both women alternating between them. Every time he shoved his cock into Jenny she would gasp with delight. She stuck her ass high in the air and pressed her tits against Kathy’s back. When they were changing positions Kathy excused herself to go to the toilet. Ron rolled Jenny back on to her stomach and reached for the lube that was on the ready on a nightstand by the bed. He put a healthy dollop of lube on his hand and worked it the length of his penis. He squeezed the tube as he spread the cheeks of Jenny’s ass and she felt the cool goo splash on her asshole. He massaged her rosebud with his fingers inserting one and then two fingers into her lubed up asshole. Jenny moaned beneath his manipulation. He gripped the shaft of his cock and pressed his big purple head against her tight little sphincter. At first her asshole clenched and then she relaxed and his cock slowly entered her.

“Holy Fuck” She cried out as he slowly inched his cock up her anal canal mingling sensations of pleasure and pain. She had had anal sex before many years ago with her ex-husband but he had a small cock compared to Ron’s massive missile. He fucked her hard and she screamed out in pleasure. When he was about to cum he pulled out grabbed her by the hair and tilted her head back to receive his load. jerked his cock and exploded missing her mouth. The cum dripped from her chin and on to her breasts.

Jenny lay back on the bed recuperating while Ron put his pants on and returned to the party downstairs. She lay on her back stripped down; her breast sliding to each side when a man came into the room unbuckled his pants and slid out of them. He climbed on top of Jenny and slid his cock into her cunt. While he was fucking her another guy came into the room and then another and they proceeded to take off their clothes and get into the bed. Jenny had always wondered what it would be like to be with more than one man at the same time so she did not protest. The new arrivals began fondling her breasts as she tugged and sucked on their cocks. The man that was on top of her rolled so that they could change positions, when Jenny was on top of the man riding his cock on of the other guys moved in behind her and shoved his cock into her ass. She had a cock in her cunt, one in her mouth and one in her ass when the fourth and fifth guy came into the room. The line of guys seemed endless, some of them coming back for seconds and thirds during the course of the night. By the end of the weekend Jenny had fucked everyone who had gone to the party at least once.

Jim sat in the coffee shop that doubled as a bus station for the route that connected two major cities through a series of small towns. He waited for Jenny to show. She didn’t come.

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5 comments on “The Erotic Journeys of Jenny-Sixth Installment.

  1. All I can say is, watch out E.L. James! You make 50 Shades look like childsplay.

    • thank you very much Linda, I’ve only read 3 pages of 50 Shades in a bookstore and happily put it back on the shelf… I thought it was very poorly written… Part of what I wanted to achieve by tackling this story is to prove I could produce something better than the sample I read.

  2. Jenny is certainly a dynamic character and far more interesting than any in 50 Shades.

    • Thank you very much SK… to be honest I’ve never read 50 shades… well I read three pages in a book store and felt like I wasted my time doing that much…

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