Persephone’s Fire (Poem for an Autumn Prompt)

Persephone’s Fire

Fall has a way
of casting its shadow over the earth
green turns brown
as sweet gum trees shed
their crimson leaves.
Their crimson leaves
come this time next month
will be crushed
into a winter blanket
up against the roots of a sapling evergreen
upon which I may lean in spring.

Deep in this forest
a wounded egret struggles with her shadow play
between the red and orange.
My soul leaps into darkness
– is it we who move and do we choose?
I watch her weave a circle
over dreams that won’t come true and know
it will not be the same
for me with you.

Fall has a way
of casting its shadow over the earth.
Deep in the forest
a wounded egret struggles in essential play
between the red and orange
I pray
no one will try to stop
these crimson leaves from falling.



About Ellespeth

I'm a poet. Sometimes I write stories and other nonsense. Ellespeth

14 comments on “Persephone’s Fire (Poem for an Autumn Prompt)

  1. Reblogged this on Views From A Poet and commented:

    My poem for an Autumn Prompt from the Community Story Board check out t he entries at https://neverendingstorydepository.wordpress.com/

  2. Autumn poems always seem so sad and somber.

  3. Love this, “up against the roots of a sapling evergreen
    upon which I may lean in spring.”
    That is hope.
    Love your repetition also.

  4. That is so good and the flow is just beautiful 🙂

  5. I love this poem. Yes, it’s sad (and even more sad after reading your post Stuff Lingers On). Like Patti, I sense hope in the lines: “up against the roots of a sapling evergreen / upon which I may lean in spring.” Even though fall brings decay, that decay yields to life, even gives life, eventually. I think I knew this even as a child and never felt sad about the changing of the seasons. Anyway ( 🙂 ), thanks for posting this.

    • Fall is truly a beautiful season! My favorite…It felt good to take this old poem out again and to rework some bits of it. And to have it all lead up to my post Stuff Lingers On AND there is joy. Side by side. Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate your support 🙂

  6. I’m loving these fall prompts I’ve been reading! I love the “deep in the forest” verse. This is so beautifully written, the casting of the shadow, the crimson leaves…just wonderful!

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