The Erotic Journeys of Jenny- Final Installment

*The following contains adult material and subject matter.

Jenny arrived at home in the early evening on the Labor Day Monday. She was exhausted and sore. She unpacked her overnight bag, took a shower and went to bed. The next day at work while she was sifting through her messages and emails she saw Jim’s email. Seeing his name reminded her of her promise to meet him at the bus and she was overcome with guilt. She opened the email. It had one word that dripped sarcastically on the screen, “Thanks.” She had the feeling she blew something special while blowing a whole bunch of guys that weren’t. She clicked reply and began typing apologizing profusely for not being there, saying it couldn’t be helped as her sister had fallen ill and she was at the hospital all weekend and asking if she could have a rain check, that she still wanted to meet him. A few moments after she pressed send his response appeared in her mailbox. During the course of the day they had arranged to meet that evening after Jenny was finished work.

They met at the coffee shop that doubled as the bus station for Cozy Cove. Jenny had another meet and greet just prior and she ran about fifteen minutes late. Jim had given up, believing she had stood him up again and was in the process of leaving when she pulled into the parking lot. She saw him leaving the coffee shop with a picnic basket swinging in one hand. She jumped out of her car and hollered his name to get his attention. He paused, turned around and saw her running in heels toward him. After their formal introductions they got into Jenny’s car and drove to one of the more secluded beaches. Jim spread a blanket on the sand and opened a bottle of wine and poured it into two plastic wine glasses. Handing one to Jenny he raised the other glass.

“To finally getting to meet the beautiful soul I’ve gotten to know over the last six weeks.” He said clinking her plastic glass.

Jim laid out the spread, baguette, four different types of cheese, pate, two types of olives, green and red grapes, strawberries and for dessert a miniature fancy cake. They nibbled and they talked intimately as the sun melted over the water. The sunset was beautiful and before it slipped away Jim leaned in and kissed her lightly upon the lips his fingertips touched the nape of her neck. A shiver ran through Jenny and she went wet instantly. Her body responded immediately to his slightest touch. She threw her arms around his strong shoulders and kissed him passionately as they rolled on the blanket. It was growing dark and Jenny was feeling a little overwhelmed with all the feelings swirling around inside her so she suggested a walk. They packed up the remains of their meal and put the basket in the car and proceeded to walk hand in hand in the moonlit night stopping occasionally to sneak a kiss. She felt so connected to this man and that scared her a little. They concluded their date with Jenny dropping Jim off at his friend’s house where he was staying while he set up shop in Cozy Cove. Jenny went home that night but she could not sleep, her mind was too occupied trying to process what her heart was telling her.

The next evening she surprised Jim by showing up with ice cream. They had mentioned in emails going for ice cream so she was determined to make it happen. The two of them walked along the waterfront and ate their ice cream. They talked about everything under the rainbow, but their conversation kept coming back to her dreams and what she wanted out of life. Jenny felt comfortable enough to discuss anything with Jim except for the secret life she had been living. She was afraid if she told him she would lose him so she remained mum on that.

Over the next few weeks they saw each other every day. Jenny had broken her two date rule, she couldn’t help herself. They had not gone beyond kissing and heavy petting. He was very respectful. Jenny would turn to Ziggy in the evening to release that sexual tension she felt. The day before her trip to Northdon Jenny took Jim to the old lookout tower. They climbed the zigzagging stairs to the platform at the top. The looked out on Cozy Cove and Jim standing behind Jenny and peering over her shoulder slipped his arms around her waist. She turned to face him and he kissed her long and passionately scrunching her hair with one hand and gripping her ass with the other. She could feel his hard cock through his jeans pressing up against her. Their lips parted and he kissed her breasts through her blouse, then her naval. He squatted before her kissing her bare thighs, lightly nibbling her milky flesh. He reached up her skirt and slid her panties off to one side and she felt the tip of his tongue dance on her clit. “Stop…” She moaned but she forced his face closer to her dripping pussy. From his squat Jim turned her so she was looking out at the town far below. His tongue tickled her rose bud and then slid down. He licked her from clit to asshole and nibbled at her thighs. She felt the pressure building inside her. She gushed in orgasm. Her body had never responded quite like that before. When he was done she put her panties back in place, arranged her skirt and her hair and they descended the stairs. She dropped him off, went home and packed for her trip to Northdon.

The seminar was stretched over three days and the company had put her up at a nearby motel. Each evening Ziggy would come by the motel room and they would live out their camming sessions in the flesh, he had even convinced her that they should film their fun. She was reluctant at first but in the end she agreed. She was not aware that Ziggy was already filming their encounters on his iPhone that he had strategically placed on the dresser facing the bed. The sex itself was alright, but most of the excitement for Jenny came from the knowledge of being filmed.

When she had returned from her trip she learned that Jim had found a job and an apartment in Cozy Cove. He had already moved in and didn’t have a bed. She dug out the cum stained fuck mattress she had stashed away in a closet before her daughter returned from her fathers to give to him. There was also a message on her phone from her middle daughter announcing that she was getting married. Looking at the mattress Jenny began to re-evaluate her life. Most of her encounters we not very fulfilling and in fact left her feeling dirty and ashamed when she reflected on them in hindsight. She had lived out most of her fantasies and she didn’t see a point in continuing her secret life. She continued to see Jim, but kept the relationship a secret. She also continued to cam with Ziggy.

With her daughter gone to her fathers for Christmas she had Donna and Steve over for the holidays and they brought a date for her. His name was Bill and he was a very good looking man in his late forties. Between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day they had swapped back and forth several times fucking and sleeping in the same queen sized bed. Jenny felt a twinge of guilt and did not feel good about herself afterwards. Jenny made a resolution, no more casual sex. She wanted something more.

With her daughter’s wedding quickly approaching Jenny was very busy doing all the things a mother does for her daughter’s special day. Everything else fell by the wayside. She spent a weekend in April, the month before the wedding at her daughter’s place. Dave was also there. Her daughter had not given up on the idea of hooking them up.

The wedding took place on Jim’s birthday. Jenny had wanted to invite him, but her daughter had arranged for Dave to be her date. She had put the two up in the same hotel room with only one bed in the hopes they would get together. Like any mother Jenny beamed with pride when her daughter walked down the aisle. With romance and love in the air that night she found herself naked in bed with Dave who made love to her. He was tender and gentle, but the love making was nothing spectacular. She could live with it.

When she returned from the wedding she grew distant with Jim. When he implored her she ignored him. This went on for a couple of weeks while she went away every weekend with Dave. Then her sister fell seriously ill. Again she turned to the one man she knew would always be there for her. Jim consoled her and comforted her right up until her sister passed away in early July. Dave came down for the funeral. Jim happened to see them drive by in his convertible as he was walking to work the day of the funeral. An uneasy feeling settled in Jim’s gut, one he could not explain.

That night when he got home from work he began to do a little digging on the internet. He remembered a couple of posts on Jenny’s Facebook wall from someone named Ziggy, so he started there. He went to the dating site and did a search for Ziggy. There was one in Northdon. He did a full search and after going to several pages the search suggested he arrived at an amateur porn site with a Ziggy form Northdon on it. There were some photos and three videos on his member page. Jim was not one to watch porn, but he couldn’t help himself. He needed to know the truth. He clicked on the first video. It began with shaky footage of a woman laying on her back legs splayed and a large cock coming into view and words in a familiar sounding woman’s voice. “It’s a new camera, I’m not sure how it works yet…ohhh…” The head of the cock guided by a masculine hand rubbed the woman’s clit until it cum cam gushing out of its tip. The voice sounded eerily like Jenny’s, but he had to be sure so Jim clicked on the next video. It was the same woman in the video, bent over and doing it doggy moaning and groaning. Again he could swear it was Jenny. He clicked on the third video and that was when he saw her face as she knelt sucking this guy’s cock until the cum flooded her mouth and came spilling out.

Jim was devastated. His chest hurt profusely. He struggled to breath. His whole world had just shattered in front of his eyes. Everything started to make sense, all the times she stood him up, having something to do later in the evening and keeping their dates to limited blocks of time, the excuses after endless excuses. Here he had thought he had found himself a good Christian woman, upstanding in church and community and it was all just a bunch of lies.

About a week after her sister’s funeral Jenny received an email from Jim.

“Fucking Lying Bitch!” were the only words followed by a link to the amateur porn site and Ziggy’s member page where the three videos were posted for the entire world to see. Jenny gasped in horror.

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16 comments on “The Erotic Journeys of Jenny- Final Installment

  1. Oddly okay with her not getting a happy ending. Read and watched too many stories where she is immediately forgiven and they live happily ever after. This feels more realistic.

    • thank you Charles… I wanted the story to have a feel of reality to it… like something that could really happen. I didn’t think it was necessary to go into all the fallout of the videos she made with Ziggy coming to light… I enjoyed this challenge… it gave me a chance to see if I could produce Erotica that was something more…

    • besides the way I look at it there were many “Happy Endings” during the course of the story

  2. Well there’s a story with a moral to it! Poor Jim though!
    Very nicely written, Tim. 🙂 I enjoyed reading all of it.

    • Thank you Linda. I think I may have broken a few conventions of this genre, but I do feel I produced a complete story that goes full circle… if started with Jenny separating from her husband for filming her youngest daughter… I also feel there are deep themes in this story despite it’s superficial subject matter…

      • Definitely. I think it could be worked into a novel or a novelette, if you were so inclined to spend the time on it.

      • thank you for saying so, but time and desire would be a factor. There are a few stories I want to work on at the moment, my romance, a fantasy I’ve done two installments on, this weeks We Drink’s short story prompt…etc… etc…plus there is my poetry which slightly took the backseat while I wrote this… maybe some time in future…

      • You sound like me – too many projects to take on another. But some are just so darned tempting!
        Whatever you write, I’m looking forward to reading. 🙂

  3. Well I think Jenny had it coming (so to speak). She obviously set herself up to fail and in the relationship with Jim she certainly did. Reminds me of an old girlfriend. Thanks for getting even for me.

    • Thank you very much John for having the patience to read the entire story and I am glad you got something out of it… I think I managed to set out what I was attempting to do in tackling Erotica…

  4. tj – I have fallen terribly behind on CSB during the erotica week. I hope to read your series this week…I do apologize…until later,

    • thank you very much Ellespeth… it is a long short story so I do understand if you don’t read it… if you decide to read it, it might be easier on my short story blog where the installments appear in order…

  5. Well, Jenny had more than one missed opportunity to do more than regain her self esteem and earn self respect…she opted out and got what she deserved, Tragic end. A most realistic though quite poignant story. I am glad I read them all. Well done 🙂

    • thank you SK… I am glad you read the story in it entirety and enjoyed… I like my stories to have a sense of realism to them even if they are complete fabrications of my imagination…

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