You Have My Vote

You Have My Vote
Written by Rarasaur


When you and little brother
squished a frog to death,
you sat in the temple and prayed
for unconditional forgiveness
from the Lord.

You sat there for two days
and not even Mom’s curry
could lure you away.
On the third day,
you stood up and told us
that all was okay between you and God.

We were glad,
but had no idea how you could know for sure
at just four and a half years old.

Only a year later,
you hid all of Dad’s pens
because you disagreed with a grant
he planned to write.
Even though your lopsided logic
never faded like we hoped,
neither did your desire
to change the world.
I asked you then
if you really expected to win.
You said no:
You only were asking
to have a voice
others could hear.

You were always the youngest
in a long line of outspoken citizens,
but you were never afraid
to compete or be yourself.

You taught us the electric slide,
and how to sing to Elvis
like our hearts could break with the beauty of it.

While I watched out for you,
I watched you:
befriending the person who had no friends,
embarrassing yourself to save someone else from mockery,
and fighting for the people who couldn’t.

So when you announced your intention
to be president of the United States,
elected by a majority of the people
in the year 2036,
I smiled.

But I wasn’t laughing at you.

I just always wanted to be
the president’s big sister.

As you grow, little sister,

I’ll remember every little thing
that has ever happened to you
and every little way
you’ve responded to life.

And I believe,
with all my being,
that if you live as you’ve always lived,
and give as you’ve always given–
you will be as brilliantly happy
as you deserve to be.

And maybe,
by 2036,
I’ll have had enough time to learn
how to share you with America.



About rarasaur

Ra Avis is the author of Sack Nasty: Prison Poetry and the girl behind the dinosaur at Rarasaur.com. She is a once-upon-a-time inmate, a reluctantly-optimistic widow, an exponential storyteller, and also basically a dinosaur. Her own story is a long one, but the short version is she (probably) loves you. rawra.avis@gmail.com IG @rawra.avis Twitter @rarasaur FB /rawra.avis 805-910-7297

45 comments on “You Have My Vote

  1. Lovely poem. 2036 seems so far away.

  2. That is a wonderful poem, Rara!

  3. Great poem to your sister. I don’t want to think how old I will be when it is time to vote for your sister in 2036.

  4. That’s a cool poem. Thanks for directing me here

  5. Can I be your sister too? That’s beautiful. Tears in my eyes, beautiful.

  6. Happy Birthday Madam President To Be!!!!! FYI- I have lots of ideas for simplifying the craziness that is our country. Keep me in mind when you get there. Thanks!

  7. Great tribute. Keep us posted on the campaign.

  8. Awesome poem! Happy Birthday to your little sister 😀

  9. Neat family rara 🙂

    It has to be in the genes,

    She’d get my vote for sure…

  10. What a delightful sister you are to pay such an amazing tribute to little sister. You have a generous heart and, by the sounds of it, an fantastic sister who just might get her wish in 2036.

  11. That’s lovely Rara. You sound like my big sis.

  12. Thank you for sharing her with us today, Rara. I feel so bad that I interrupted your sister’s birthday celebrations last night. So sorry.
    My favorite part of this poem is the compassion: “befriending the person who had no friends,
    embarrassing yourself to save someone else from mockery,
    and fighting for the people who couldn’t.”
    Reading these lines again brings tears to my eyes. Give your sister a {{{hug}}} from Kozo. And write the memoir/screenplay/book about your family, PLEASE.

    • Not at all! That was my big sister, my little one is in PA right now– and quite happily worked all through her birthday. The Skype call was no problem, we were at the tail end of a crazy day, so it was perfect timing. 🙂 Thank you for reading, Kozo!

  13. (Sigh.) As usual, a day late and a dollar (well, actually, a LOT of them) late. But a lovely poem – and definitely persuasive! If I’m still around then, I’ll run the Chicago campaign office. 😀
    A very Happy Birthday, even if the wish is sadly belated.

  14. I cared less for where it was going than where it was. I loved the frog and forgiveness part. I loved the stories. You don’t have be the president to change the world. Sometimes the smallest things, like memorable poems on some remote blog can move me.

  15. […] drama stems from the incident.  My baby sister’s birthday is the next day, and I queue up a post for her at the Storyboard.  In my mind, I wonder what she would say to me– too afraid to […]

  16. […] The Community Storyboard – 9/26/13 – You Have My Vote […]

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