Lifespan – Weekly Prompt of September 22

For the weekly prompt: Autumn

For as long as I can remember, Autumn has made me think about death. I know I could wax poetic and say that it’s because of the change of seasons, the falling leaves, the trees readying themselves to be renewed come spring, but while all of that may be lovely, it’s got nothing to do with it.

Okay, almost nothing.

Fall is my favourite season. The glorious blaze of the various trees and bushes is spectacular, and the freshness in the air invariably boosts the spring in my step when I go for walks, especially after the heaviness of the summer humidity. Fall makes me feel alive. I look upon all this wondrous gorgeousness and I truly appreciate how fleeting it is. Before long I know the winds will come and blow it all away, leaving only the stark, nakedness of winter. Unerringly, all this makes me wonder how many more Autumns I will be lucky enough to witness in my lifetime.

The trees may come back, but the dying beauty of their individual leaves are as ephemeral as I am.


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26 comments on “Lifespan – Weekly Prompt of September 22

  1. Linda, I love the whole piece, and I like how you approach it – but I really enjoyed that last line. Well done.

  2. I love this! I pause to think on the seasons this way at times. That every blast of colored leaves fallen is another year of life gone. Or every other flowering May.

  3. Reblogged this on lindaghill and commented:

    Something I wrote for The Community Storyboard Weekly Prompt. Hurry and get your submission in before Sunday!

  4. It’s strange how a season can make you think of sadness and in the same time it is rejuvenating your feelings.

  5. Elegant descriptions mixed with silent reflection and truth.

  6. That was hauntingly powerful especially the bit about our own mortality, 🙂

  7. I start thinking of death around this time too, but I’ll admit it’s because of the ‘death’ of the leaves and everything. Very insightful and poetic at the end.

  8. This is a great piece of prose, Linda! And the photo just adds to it –

    • Thanks Ellespeth. 🙂 I took the picture before I had really formed the thought in my head of what I was going to write. I think my message – to myself anyway – is that there are some things that are just … finished, and can’t be put back together.

  9. My eyes love the fall and spring, even snows of winter. But my body and soul lives for SUMMER!!! Loved your prose, by the way! Thank you, LindaGHill for sharing on Life In Progress so I had the chance to see it!

  10. I completely agree. Fall is my favourite season as well. There is something about those reds and golds and crisp air mornings that leave me wishing it would never end.

  11. I love the thoughtfulness of your prose, the recognition of our own morality through the “dying” leaves. Maybe it is the sense of our mortality, but there is the rebirth in spring. Or perhaps that is not really rebirth but just the continuance of life through others (the next generation). Of course, when I was much younger, I didn’t see it that way 😉 And I just love the photo! The hardest thing for me about transitioning from fall to winter was losing all those gorgeous leaves. It was a common school project to try and find the prettiest, more perfect leaves and pressed them into a book or a frame, to try and keep them still vibrant through winter. Really lovely prose, Linda!

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