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The House at Carrick Close: Visitors for a ghostly prompt

Click clack went the clattering of her teeth Snip snap Crunch munch Bones and meat and children’s feet “Mom!” Honestly, the woman’s poetry was getting worse, if such a thing was possible. “Yes, darling?” “You’re scaring Charlie.” “Charles, are you scared?” There was no response from her tow-headed brother. “Charlie?” “See, Mom. I told you. […]

You’ve Lost Your Damn Mind!

  I just took stock of my situation and realized I had sold my stock for 5¢ on the dollar. My whole life flashed before my eyes and I wasn’t in it. I pulled up my boot straps and decided to get’er done. Then I noticed I wasn’t wearing any pants. How come every time […]

Happy Halloween My Love (A Poem)

Come into my parlor bare of anything or anyone save you and me and the old Victrola spinning a Rachmaninov web. Concerto No. 2 with Brandy? Sherry? Perhaps a cloudy Absinthe is more to your liking and fairies’ ghosts dancing in a smokey circle. Come into my parlor bare and anything that’s left of me […]


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  You know what? I want to make a difference in this world. I want to help my fellow man, woman or child…or Yankee (sometimes) I want everyone to just get along…live and let live… Now that you’ve bought all that shit, here’s the truth. I want to rule the world. No one else seems […]

Humble Pie

  I knew I was gonna die…and I was 13 years old.   I had turned 13 over the weekend and I was an official teenager now. There were lots of perks to turning 13 in my extended crazy family. 1)      I would get to sit at the big table during holidays 2)      My one […]

Gone Fishing

// I should have gone to bed but I had this little story idea and thought I would write it up. Sorry it’s not very good but I had fun. 😀 Z looked at the long silver rod in his hand. It had a polished gleam and the balance felt sublime. He looked at the […]

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