The Last Six Months – “One Day” Weekly Prompt

A story for the October 6th Weekly Prompt – One Day.

Twenty-nine year old Mort stood at the top of a crane, far above a deep moraine lake, with his elbows raised to shoulder height, thinking,  This must be how a bird feels just before it takes flight.

“If you had a chance,” Mort asked Hal, the owner of the bungee jumping business who was securing a harness around Mort’s chest, “would you want to know?”

“Know what?” the bespectacled man asked without glancing at Mort’s face. Mort wondered if the man took his glasses off when he jumped. Or if he ever jumped any more at all.

“That you were going to die,” Mort answered.

Hal jerked a little extra hard, Mort thought, at the buckle he was working on. “You mean, like, if you were sick or somethin’?”

“No, nothing like that,” Mort said. “More like, if someone came to you and claimed they could tell you, without a doubt, when you were going to die, six months before you were going to.”

“That’s a little morbid.”

“Not when you think about it. At some point in everyone’s life, they have six months left to live. True?”

“I guess…” Hal was bending down, working on the straps at Mort’s ankles.

“So this guy came to me and asked me, ‘Mort? Do you want to know when you’ve got six months left?’ and I thought about it for a while, and I thought, I could just drop dead one day and never have done all the things I wanted to do, or I could know and spend the next half a year concentrating on all the things I want to accomplish.'”

“Like one of them bucket lists…” Hal suggested.

“Exactly. So I decided I wanted to know. The guy says to me, ‘Okay, I’ll come back and tell you when you’ve got six months left,’ and then he went away.

“I dreaded the hell out of seeing him again.”

“So, ‘d he come back?”


“And how long do you have left?”

“One day,” Mort said. “And today, assuming I leave here in one piece, I’m going sky-diving, deep-sea diving, I’m going to race a car, and then I’m going to jump off the highest cliff I can find, into the ocean.”

“Are you trying to kill yourself a day early?”

“I can’t. It’s for sure I’m going to die tomorrow. But if I’m not in a coma when I do, at least I’ll have had one day of excitement.”

Hal stood and regarded Mort. “Well, you’re safe here,” he said. “You’re sure you want to go head-first?”

“What have I got to lose?”

“I guess…” Hal took a step back. “Before you go, what makes you think this guy who told you you had six months left was on the up and up?”

Mort laughed at this. “Does it matter? If I don’t die tomorrow, at least I’ll have lived,” and with that, he jumped.

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19 comments on “The Last Six Months – “One Day” Weekly Prompt

  1. Reblogged this on lindaghill and commented:

    There’s still time left to submit your story, poem, or shopping list for the Weekly Prompt at The Community Storyboard! Here’s my weekly offering. 🙂

  2. Very good!! I don’t think I’d like to know, I’m just saying!!

  3. Beautifully written and very imaginative! Are you Alice Munro under a pseudonym? 🙂

  4. Interesting premise. Makes one wonder what would be done with one day left. Good job.

  5. Love this. One should always live for the moment…just in case.

  6. Great story, Linda! The ending was very clever … I like that we don’t know if the guy really has one day or not; the story just focuses on his attitude about it. Just like that question stuck with you since high school, this is the kind of story that would stick around in one’s head for a long time. I would never want to know for sure, but like Mort says, at some point we all just have six months left to live. Gotta make the most of it 🙂

  7. I like this and I like the fact that his name is Mort !

  8. Oh so good! I don’t know how I’d cope knowing that my number was coming up. I know my number is always coming up but I’d prefer not knowing it’s soon – if I have a choice…I probably WOULD NOT bungee jump. I wouldn’t want to scare myself into an earlier death 😛

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