Remember the Frost (October 20th Prompt)


Do you remember the days when the ice trays in the fridge were metal, and had a lever on them that you had to pull on to free the cubes?

Do you remember that they would be covered in a thick layer of frost that had been building up in frosty layers for days?

Do you remember that when you reached into the freezer to retrieve one that it drew your fingers to it like a magnet and your hand would become attached to it as if though by magic?

Do you remember the quick intake of breath, then walking to the sink with the damn thing hanging from your fingers and turning on the hot water to attempt a release?

Do you remember that you just remembered that it’s not very smart to put hot water on a frosty ice tray when your fingers are stuck to it?

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Do you remember that when the ice tray finally falls free that it takes your previous finger-prints with it?

Do you remember yourself blowing on your fingers to warm them up, then sticking your frosty finger-tips under the still running, much hotter water now, and realizing that you are as stupid as some people say?

Do you remember that when you reach down and attempt to pry the frosty lever from the tray that the hot water has frozen again on the tray, this time at a much denser molecular composition?

Do you remember repeating all the previous steps?

Do you remember that the sunza bitching lever never ever works?

Do you remember beating the tray on the edge of the sink for 5 minutes and only getting 3 frosty cubes free?

Do you remember saying “The hell with it” and pouring a cup of coffee?

Do you remember that when you go back to the sink a half an hour later, that the tray has MORE damn frost on it now and is smoking?

Do you remember having an epiphany and picking up the tray with a pot-holder and putting it back in the freezer minus the 3 frosty cubes that are frozen to the bottom of the sink?

Do you remember your mother asking you where all of her damn pot-holders are?

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I am so full of self-confidence and crap that I would worship myself against my own will.... Under penalty of death.

21 comments on “Remember the Frost (October 20th Prompt)

  1. That’s funny. I remember the ice trays without the metal, so you had to twist it to pop ice cubes free. Then you get one that is sheared in half.

  2. I do remember all of this. one last thing. Do you remember trying to get the damn tray out of the frost filled ice compartment in the first place. If you’re lucky you don’t pull the Frigidaire over on top of you.

  3. Do you remember the days before frost-free freezers? do you remember defrosting the freezer, pulling giant chunks of ice off the walls, careful not to slice the sides for fear of breaking the freon tubes?

  4. yes I remember all those LOLs….
    ( and flinging them across the room along with my fingerprints!)
    this was good for a laugh, Thank you…
    Take Care..

  5. I remember,LOL, and all of the water that needed cleaning up after freezer defrosting was over.

  6. Momma was always bitching at me for picking the ice out and leaving like 3 left – or chucking them in the sink when they were empty. “FILL THE DAMN ICE TRAYS!!” XDD

  7. Yes I remember but at least I never stuck my tongue to anything. Lol Hugs, Barbara

  8. Those used to be fairly painful trays.

  9. I don’t remember those types of trays…just the plastic ones…BUT I do remember before the frost free freezers came …and we’d be so excited because to us here in the equator, that’s like having our very own snow in the kitchen..lol

  10. […] Remember the Frost (October 20th Prompt) (neverendingstorydepository.wordpress.com) […]

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