Gone Fishing

An angler on the Kennet and Avon Canal, Englan...

An angler on the Kennet and Avon Canal, England, surrounded by his tackle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

// I should have gone to bed but I had this little story idea and thought I would write it up. Sorry it’s not very good but I had fun. 😀

Z looked at the long silver rod in his hand. It had a polished gleam and the balance felt sublime. He looked at the blue waters below and began to pick out the best fishing spot. It had to be a more isolated area, something calmer. The highly dense areas interfered too much with the line and would often snag and sometimes break.

“Hey D, tell me about the big one you caught last year?”

Dug held an older rod that was a bit thicker and heavier but he called her reliable, a smile appeared on his face as he had that lost look of sorting through old memories. “Oh right, that twere a good catch. Feller was about this big,” he said holding his hands apart. To Z it seemed to get bigger with each retelling. “We shimmied up to Norcat. T’were great fishing. Caught a sizeable catch that year.”

“Norcat, that sounds perfect for testing out my new rod.” Z said almost to himself. “Let’s turn on motor and you steer the boat up that way.”

“Sounds good ta me. Here have a cold one while I bander us up that there way.” D said tossing the beverage over. It didn’t take long before they were in a spot that seemed perfect.

“Whacha usin’ for bait?” D asked as they both prepped their rods for their first cast.

“New to the market, called Siren’s breath. Apparently has a bit of sonic technology that draws them in.
Let me test it.” Z threw out the line below and immediately felt a tug. “I got one!”

“Dang that twere fast.” D exhaled in awe.

“Oh this is a big one,” Z yelled as he flailed his arms around struggling to reel in his catch.

“Doncha let it get away, be suretalean and put ya force behind it.” D shouted with encouragement.

“I know.” Z continued to struggle but he could feel as his catch began to draw in closer, with a great big pop it landed right on the boat bed. It flopped around.

“Dat is a ting of beauty. Ya keeping him?”

“Nah, just feeling like catch and release today. Here take my picture with him.” Z said handing over his camera to D and moved behind his catch. It was a strange breed, soft pinkish skin, thick mangy red hair covered what Z assumed was the head. It had strange loose skin that seemed almost like a second coat of skin with blocks of colors and thick black feet with strange cords tied in it. It flopped around almost like it was scared. Z gave a small smile for the camera lifting his gray hand behind his catch giving it bunny ears, something that always amused him. The flash and click occurred and then Z took his new pole and gestured drawing the line out and letting his catch fall back into the fishing hole.

“You were right D, this small blue planet has some great fishing.”

“Toldya, I did. Nice n’ calm like. Plus get some sizeable catch.” There was a thin smile on his gray face, his large black eyes staring off into the distance.

About Bradley Corbett

Bradley is a total geek. He loves all thing Science Fiction, Fantasy and is always up for a good pen and paper roleplaying experience.

6 comments on “Gone Fishing

  1. You write good dialogue, Bradley. I liked this 🙂

  2. Nice! Just wait until we learn to shimie out into space – then they’re in trouble! 🙂

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