Grey PouPon



I was listening to an audio-book today and heard a little snippet of trivia that I didn’t know, or if I did I’d forgotten it.

Of course I did.


When I heard this fact, it surprised me. I don’t know why it did, but it got me to thinking again.

Thinking about how blessed and lucky I am to be who I am….and where I’m from…

This is the snippet:

After visiting a Houston Grocery store, the “President” of Russia at that time Boris Yeltsin wept.

He cried after seeing an American Food market….

Now, just bear with me and let’s think about this….

A grown man.

The leader of a country.

He cried after seeing a grocery store….Something we see almost EVERYDAY.

Can we imagine that?

Can we imagine bursting into tears over the fact that we have more than one selection of an individual item?

That is what Yeltsin said…in a nutshell.

Summation/comparison of nutshell:

We walk into a grocery store, and we need mustard. The only kind is French’s. We don’t bat an eye because that is all we have to choose from.

Imagine that…

No Grey PouPon…?  Image

One kind of ketchup.

One kind of hot sauce.

 One kind of salad dressing.

One kind of chicken noodle soup.

One kind of toilet paper for god’s sakes!

From the snippet, it was the produce and bread sections that brought the initial tears to his eyes.

Have you ever picked up an avocado, felt its firmness…its texture…smelled it, and then thought where it came from and how it got there, or who grew it?

How about a cucumber? How about an orange? How about an apple?

Look at this thru a truck drivers eyes….

Look at a map of the country.

Take a needle and poke the spot where you live.

Now think of the number of grocery stores or farmers market in that pin prick area of where you live.

Now consider all the selections of food and other necessities, just in your area, and the Logistics it takes just to keep your local shelves stocked with your favorite hot sauce or those little cookies you like so much.

 Now…consider the entire map compared to your pinhole.

Amazing…isn’t it?  Image

I am not tooting my horn about truck drivers.

I am tooting my horn about all the systems and people that work behind the scenes to make this happen.

I didn’t tell you this one thing because I didn’t think that much about it at the time, but after hearing the snippet, I remembered.

During one of my 8 weeks of trucking I had stopped at several grocery stores of all types over the entire country and I could not find ONE BAG OF GREEN SEEDLESS GRAPES! I actually started to worry that something must be happening in the world or country. I actually started looking thru the internet for news of grape shortages, of impending famine or farmer strikes.

All because I couldn’t find the grapes I wanted….  Image

I almost panicked and started hoarding emergency food kits.

I know this post isn’t following my usual bent of wit, but I started to think about this and got a headache.

Now, I want YOU to think about it my friends.

And get a headache.

Next time you go into your grocery store…stop at the front and scan all the isles with your eyes.

Now…smell the air.

Now, walk over to the produce area and just marvel at the selections that are before you, that you expect to be there all the time…every time…every hour.


I mean…really try and appreciate the magnitude of what you’re seeing.

 To really appreciate where you are at that moment.

 To think on how much we really take for granted because of its familiarity.

Now…smell or feel everything in the produce isle.

Do the same in the bread section.

Walk by the deli and check out all the different types of meats that are available.

Sliced just how you like it.

Then, think about it.

When you feel sad, like everything is terrible…Take a walk and look around at the variety and selections or options available in the thousands of different applications you have to choose from in this country.

Every day…every hour…every minute.

There are lots of people who never get to see an apple…or hot sauce.  Image

They’d cry, fight, kill….over a bowl of rice with a little salt on it.


Oh, how fortunate we are….

 Be grateful….

I definitely sure as shit am.

About treyzguy

I am so full of self-confidence and crap that I would worship myself against my own will.... Under penalty of death.

33 comments on “Grey PouPon

  1. Wow, you are certainly on point with this one!

    We take so much for granted here and squabble over stupidity, corporations paying shit to those who work said markets to keep everyone happy with their endless choices.

    That being said, pardon me, Sir, would have any Grey Poupon? 😉

  2. Wow. Such things we see as given, would mean the world to others. Shows how much our lives are built around the things you don’t even notice.

    • It’s a big subject. But a simple way to keep oneself grounded. Not the “There are little children in Africa starving” bit. But the “We are so fortunate” bit. They say that the reason some have so much is because we steal it from those who have nothing, and they keep having nothing because the “haves” never share. I wonder what some of these countries would truly be like if we withheld all relief and philanthropy?

  3. So true…..but that’s what takes me so long to do the shopping. 😉 So much choice, so many different prices, so many labels to look at, so much ……of everything. We truly are spoiled for choice.x

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