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It’s the holidays again Full of joy and cheer Expectations soar with laughter Some happy shed a tear I have no joy I have lots of tears Estranged from my sons In its 5th year They hate me for what I’ve done And what I didn’t do Compounded by poison from their mother, that she […]


  The first snow of winter, The first bud of spring, The first time you hear, A nightingale sing, The first bite of chocolate, The first taste of wine, The first time you notice, The passing of time. The first piece of culture, The first view of art, The first time you wonder, From where […]

Running Man

Running Man

I have discovered the “new” cocaine and a great diet plan….. Well, I don’t think I discovered it, I think it’s been around for thousands, maybe millions of years and I might have read about it (When I say “read” I mean “listened”, for I am an Audio-book whore) I did ‘read’ about it in […]

The Knife

The Knife

I stood at the sink, pain lancing my chest, sobbing silently, tears blinding me as I tackled a mound of dirty dishes. Exhaustion weighed heavy, my arms like stone. 11:00pm. I was alone, disconnected Isolated. I could almost see the knife piercing my heart. There was a name on the handle; I strained my inner […]

The Fall

Submitted by madssukalikar Haumea stopped in her tracks as she saw the man in black standing on the ledge. She ran towards him. “Don’t do it!” she yelled loudly. “Just get back!” The man turned around. “I can’t,” he said calmly. “Of course you can!” argued Haumea. “Just take a step back and climb down. […]

Mushrooms to Buy

Submitted by Myas Alone Day of Thanks Others step out But for me Mushrooms to buy California cheap white Give it a try No need to weep Turkey leg, no Perhaps another day Shroom stuffing to make Pasta’d be good Walnut topping a treat On all I might eat Cooked greens, salad too Cinnamon crust […]



I have completed my 4th day tobacco free and “vaping” clear. I have promised myself that the smoking will be at the top of my New Year’s resolution list to terminate and forsake. I’ve never really been a whole-hearted dyed in the wool smoker. Most times I smoked are while I was imbibing in alcohol […]


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