Weekly Prompt for 10th November – Tomorrow

Weekly Prompt for 10th November – Tomorrow

A few weeks ago we had the prompt ‘yesterday’, which I really enjoyed. However, I am more interested in tomorrow and the anticipation of what that holds, what the future holds. So for this weeks prompt I would like to see what you can come up with regarding ‘Tomorrow’. Write anything related to tomorrow, or even just use the word tomorrow – your choice.

Please link to this post from your own.

Here is my humble effort.


They say tomorrow never comes
It never mattered before
Yesterday, today, tomorrow
Were all a bit of a bore
A time when tomorrow didn’t exist
Before my world was light
When every day merged into one
Nothing ever seemed right

And then it happened, out of the blue
You appeared in my life
Our love it grew, so very strong
With every new discovery

Then, looking towards tomorrow
At what our future holds
Knowing, deep in my heart
That you are all I want

Tomorrow has been a long time coming,
But now it is finally here,
We have wished and wished,
For so very long, and now tomorrow’s here

Some say tomorrow never comes,
But for once they are all wrong
Because so soon, so very soon,
Tomorrow comes along

Now I dream of all those tomorrows
Knowing they will become todays
So now I know they were all wrong
As tomorrow always comes.

The promise of tomorrow
Becomes the reality of today
Soon we’ll be together
and that’s the way we’ll stay

Today is almost yesterday
As tomorrow becomes today
Rather than wait for tomorrow
Let’s turn it into today


About Julian Froment

I am 47 years old. I enjoy reading and writing. I graduated from the university of Kent with a BSc (Hons) in Physics, many more years ago than I care to think about.

39 comments on “Weekly Prompt for 10th November – Tomorrow

  1. Great. Now I have ‘Tomorrow’ from Annie stuck in my head. Need to blast some Queen now.

  2. What a great sentiment – I’m so happy for the two of you getting ready to start a whole new adventure of tomorrows 🙂

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    This week’s Community Storyboard prompt. I hope YOU participate this week. Just head over and post your own story/poem about Tomorrow

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  5. Lovely poem, Julian! A wonderful way to start off the prompt and to celebrate your Tomorrows 🙂

  6. Reblogged this on 1WriteWay and commented:

    Here is this week’s writing prompt from The Community Storyboard. It’s all about Tomorrow. Please submit your writing whether it be story, poem, essay, dialogue, whatever Tomorrow brings to your imagination.

  7. I very much like the last stanza. Tomorrow is a hopeful ‘thing’ believe in, but it may never arrive. Keeping the hope of tomorrow inside is important but we should remember to live for today – tomorrow may never come.

    A great country song by Garth Brooks – ‘If tomorrow never comes’ – speaks of this.

  8. Lovely poem Julian and of course, beautiful sentiment. Can’t wait for your tomorrow’s to become your today’s. 🙂

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    The Community Story board Weekly Prompt – Yesterday

  10. This is a definite “ahhhhh” piece, really lovely and beautiful story telling 🙂

  11. Ah Julian. So touching. Today is the yesterday of tomorrow. I just wish you beautiful days ahead as your tomorrows become a reality.

  12. I’m counting the days with both of you and waiting for a screen sized YAHOOOOOOOO when your tomorrow becomes today. I liked this poem, Julian. Such a sweetness and hope is there:
    …”Tomorrow has been a long time coming,
    But now it is finally here,
    We have wished and wished,
    For so very long, and now tomorrow’s here…”

    Till laterz – Ellespeth

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