Redneck Dink


Veterans Day
Born: May 13, 1938
Died: Never

The 17 year old private lay in stinky mud

Sand…guts…bile…terror and blood

The whip-crack of bullets chase him

The bombs bursting in air

He pushes his face through the fear dirt toward the angry sounds

The earth rumbling, growling, biting

There is screaming as men continue to die

There is crazed laughter as men race to die

He sees his buddies hugging the ground as the world shifts and reels

Big white eyes, clenched teeth…set jaws

Mumbled promises for conversion to Christ

But…he sees with pride that they are still crawling forward through the guts and blood

Pulling at the sand, pushing with their knees, kicking with their feet, heads down

But….they know which way is forward.

They know which way is up.

Towards the killing noise, the Spitter of lead and death

The private drags on through a foxhole where 3 GI’s have been

Not enough left though to build a single man

He tears through barbed wire and grins at the tiny pain

“Lot worse things” flying in the air, white hot drops of rain

Bullets bounce in the sand like angry little gnomes, throwing sand in his eyes as a jape

His buddies and he still tugging at the earth….pulling Death to them.

Closer and closer The Reaper comes, his dark blade striking at their heads

But they’ve been trained well…”Keep your heads and asses low!”

The sound is gone, only “THUMP” “BBBAARRRUUMMPPP” “AAIIIEEEEEE!!” “MEDIC!!!””SNAPCRACK!!”…”SNAPCRACK”…………”Mama”….or “Tell my wife… That I love her.”

“I’ve got to get up there” is the privates only thought.

“I’ve got to stop it” is the next.

He sneaks a glance over his shoulder and sees his buddies dragging death down the beach.

He looks at the surf and sees more fish for the barrel…more ducks in a row.

“I’ve got to stop that fucking machine gun”…now he’s angry.

Keller’s on one of them boats, his wife with a baby on the way.

Petrovsky is on one of them boats…a newly-wed and owns a pizza joint in someplace called Philly.

Tex and Bama are on one of them boats, and they owe him money from poker.

“I’ve got to stop it” he says out loud, trying to shout down the “Thump Thump Snap crack”

The Private has reached the lair of the Spitter of death and lead.

Only one crazy thought racing through his blonde Kansas head

“I’m gonna stop it, I’m gonna stop it”

The world explodes, the sand painting the sky, fire reaching and tearing at him.

He didn’t know he could fly….

The white hot rain has stopped on their stretch of beach.

The snap crack has died.

The private lies in the hot dirt….looks at the sky, is it his time?

He feels his helmet slide back, a hand brushing his face…water on his lips and brow.

His vision clears and he sees his buddy over him

A big Jap grin…

It’s the medic Corporal Tonoka…from Mississippi, they all him call Redneck Dink.

It takes a melting pot to create great men

Great men that do the bloody work….because sadly, somebody has to.

And they do it…

Great men that hold up their hand and cry…die for the flag.

Happy Veterans Day….Semper Fi !

About treyzguy

I am so full of self-confidence and crap that I would worship myself against my own will.... Under penalty of death.

18 comments on “Redneck Dink

  1. Dude, you seriously have a strong talent here. You use words so well (except for thingy), and you paint such realistic pictures with your writing. The funny stuff is great, but this is friggin’ awesome.

      • Awww…
        I hope that blush comes with a smile. Then, I can count you as my smile for the day.
        You already made me smile with saying that.

      • Well, I am glad you made it home. Semper Fi!

      • Terrorism was a baby then

      • Yes, and now we take a man’s honey and a woman’s cupcake because we fear they are terrorists. The DHS guidelines are getting tougher as well. It was said in an article I read a few days ago that if we had been on the Anonymous site we could be tagged and not allowed to fly. Also if we post controversial items on our blogs or FB. Messed up. What happened to free speech?

      • Which one? I have read all of them.

      • Read it many times. What were we referring to? Sorry, forgot. Grooming the dawg and am totally whipped.

      • Crazy dog woman…. So sad

      • Yes, I was crazy to get a Bichon. I watched a video before about how to groom a Bichon for some pointers I may have forgotten over the years. Well, I hadn’t forgotten anything, damn memory, but I did develop a real bad case of ‘groomer envy’. She had really sharp scissors, a really tall tub, neat sprayer thingy, nice grooming table, and a dog which got groomed every week. I don’t know why Wizard is not groomed every week. What was funny is the woman was discussing the origins of Bichons, and in doing so, mentioned over 300 times (you know what I mean) how they were high maintenance dogs. Well, hell! Where was she with her advice when I got this little guy? No one told me about all the grooming and attention he needed. I even looked up his breed before hand to see what I was getting myself into. My husband at the time said the grooming wouldn’t be a big deal since we had a Bichon specialized groomer right down the street. Well stupid me didn’t even consider the possibility Wiz and I would be on our own and mommy would have to pull out all her grooming experience, which is like from high school times.
        But at least he is clean, cooler, and cute now. He is happier, I could tell when he walked outside.
        I am so sure you didn’t need to know all that. That is what being so damn tired and on pain pills does for me. I think I am actually not supposed to be on the ‘puter at all.
        So, my man, know this: you are the last person I am responding to for this day. I do hope your day was good, and there was some happiness in your heart. Although I am really beginning to doubt if the military is being used for our freedom, or more for the 1%’s pockets, I do sincerely appreciate all those, including you, who had the courage to answer the call to serve. I do not think I would have the courage to do some of the things I have heard about, and I would come back really messed up. I may talk a tough came, but I know my limits. I also think I have gotten a little less angry in my age, thus I do not have that energy to call upon as much. I would have at 20 or even 30.
        You are a good man. The more I find out about you, the more I am impressed, and I don’t impress easily.
        Peace and goodnight. Drive safe.

      • Ditto… Thx aren’t necessary. Only appreciated

  2. Reblogged this on Mind Chatter and commented:
    Wonderful piece from a very talented writer. Peace on Veteran’s Day.

  3. “Great men that do the bloody work….because sadly, somebody has to.”
    I enjoyed the tale. You know how to tell a story.

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