We’re thankful for turkey,
Stuffing and pie
Then grumble about the dishes

We’re thankful for family,
Chatter around the table
Then gossip after you leave

We’re thankful for children,
Giggling and excited
Then are glad when they go home

We’re thankful to watch our team
As they play on the big screen
Then hate the coach when we lose

We forget what really matters
Spending time together
As we rush to go shopping

About Pamela Beckford

I'm a person, poet and a blogger. I have opinions that are solely my own. I am an avid reader and love to connect with people all through my life.

14 comments on “Thanksgiving

  1. How quickly we can forget how we are blessed…lol

  2. Feels like some people aren’t even remembering this year. A lot of ranting about stores being open today and Black Friday seeping into Thanksgiving.

    • I’m thankful restaurants are open. It is the only way I can have a meal with my dad. He can’t physically come to my house and I can’t take it there (long story).

      • As long as you spend time with him, the location really doesn’t matter.

      • Some people (my sister for instance) think it is awful because I’m contributing to making other people work.

      • That is a downside. There was always holiday pay and the promise of another holiday or the next 2-3 days off with a little extra in the paycheck, but that might have just been one of the places I worked.

      • Having left the retail industry nearly 15 years ago, I can tell you that even in management (or maybe especially in management), I worked my a** off from October on and worked on the holiday to get ready for the onslaught. So just because we weren’t open, didn’t mean we didn’t work.

      • Guess I was lucky to have never been in that spot. When the store closed, we went home and continued the next day. I may have gone in for a few extra shifts to help and been on call, but the manager made sure we didn’t get worked to the bone. He thought it was ridiculous to wear out his staff before the rush. This was a movie rental place, so it probably worked differently.

      • Yeah, I was a store manager and district manager for a big fabric chain

      • Assistant Manager and Jewish, so I took on a lot during December. The Manager was Jewish too, which meant we worked our butts off to help the other employees get the rest they needed.

        I did do seasonal stock boy for a department store once and that was a disaster. More product than space and they really worked us to the bone. Not fun there.

      • People tend to forget about the people who work on holidays not in retail though. We want our football, but somebody has to work to make that happen, both at the stadium and the networks. Even parking lot attendants. And of course all of our public safety employees. Even to broadcast the ever popular Macy’s parade. Why don’t we have the public outcry for those employees? We like to pick and choose what we get upset about. Retail just happens to be what everyone screams about right now.

      • I think because retail is seen as the most abused and worst of the job areas. Those that work at a stadium or networks have the ‘benefit’ of watching the game or show. There might even be something at the location to let them celebrate together. For public safety employees, it’s an honorable job and they’re seen as making a sacrifice for the good of others. Retail is seen as a person being forced to deal with the angriest of customers instead of spending time with family.

      • Yeah, but the outcry comes from the public perception. Besides, there might be some people who want to work on the holidays to get away from family or because they don’t celebrate. I forgot the holiday this year, but my family went out to eat and the server admitted he was there for the extra pay and he was closer to his coworkers than his family.

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