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Divine Divinity

Divine Divinity

“Give it up fat boy!” No response…… In the dim light of my living room, the only light coming from our Christmas tree and a fireplace with twinkling embers, I could see shadows moving up and down the walls and the ceiling. But I wasn’t looking at them…. I was looking for Saint Nick. “Saint” […]


I have been busy. Really busy doing everything but the things I should maybe have been doing here. So I am now making a confession and a plea. Confession: I wear women’s underwear. Okay, so that wasn’t the real confession. Real Confession: I started this CSB gig so we could all share our work with […]

R.I.P Kyrie Jacobsen

I was a Deputy Sheriff at one time. For a short time I must admit. My dad told me that I would never make it in that occupation because I am too trusting, had too big of a heart and believed that no one was ever evil. That’s probably why I have such a hard […]

Top of the World

Submitted by madssukalikar This is the happiest day of Manny’s life. Finally, after months of painstaking and gruelling effort, he is quite literally on top of the world. The view is spectacular. He can see everything from up here. Tiny cities and hills and valleys and farms and pastures. Little people going about their boring […]

Sun Flyer

The way out

Old Boots

Bob’s a miraculous testament to industry Standing in his boots while waiting for the bus The bus is late Again Thirty years he’s been working, wearing the same leather boots Worn out or worn in, it’s hard to tell He’d say worn in Then he’d chuckle Three decades of production line work and packaging deliveries’ The […]

Dung-Coloured Glasses

Dung-Coloured Glasses

When I am miserable, nothing, not riches, nor prestige nor a change in circumstances,nothing can change my interior unhappiness. Ah, we love to make fun of those in love, the young and the naive who view the world through rose-coloured glasses but what about the rest of us, those of us who wear dung-coloured glasses? […]


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