Dread Chain

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There is no quiet time

No true running away

Lo, all of my time is spent looking….

For that mythical better day

Time well spent has no meaning for me

It just drags on like fettered chains

A cruel master that harries man

Whom I beg to set me free

I wear my chains of guilt with rusty yon gilded hue

Razor sharp links burn what’s left of my heart

Whose strings have lost their music; they’ve forgotten any old joyful tune

My heavy cloak of the finest regret is long and black, glossy from whispered tears

It trails behind me dark and loud, tattered from pain wrought years

My feet doth trod this familiar road, a path lain with miseries treacherous stones

Brick by brick I’ve built it, a mournful circle of grief and woe

The path is dark and flat, with slopes so deep and slow

There is no exit from this walk, nowhere else that I can go

The regret is in my bones, the guilt corrupts my soul

Trapped in this maze of my own design, a pitiful haunting low

I’ve seen taunting light at times and melody just up ahead

I never reached it, though I’ve tried, when dragging my chain of dread.

I felt Hope once, he brushed by me in my dark

“Excuse me” Hope had said

Now I know the light I’ve seen

“I’ve seemed to have lost my way” a smile, a twinkle gay

“Do you know where I can find the path to a better day?”

I pulled my cloak about my face and wiped a salty tear

I clutched Hopes hands and gazed in his bright blue eyes

“I’m sorry sir, but you can’t get there from here”

About treyzguy

I am so full of self-confidence and crap that I would worship myself against my own will.... Under penalty of death.

17 comments on “Dread Chain

  1. Awww, too sad. Hope for more. I’ll hope with you.x

    • I was faking it….LOL
      Just a little down today is all, but I am reading blogs this morning here in rainy, snowy Oregon and finding some happy stuff.
      I know that when I get to yours it will snuff out all hope and drive me to drink more Chia!
      I appreciate you girl, and honor you.
      Even if you are Scottish….; )

      • Oh shit. I should warn you then. Between yesterday and today I’ve posted quite a few and they’re not all sunny side up. Get loaded up with the Chia. Scottish dismal weather having its impact. :)x

      • Sometimes Holidays suck…
        But, I am a basically jovial soul and will find something that makes me laugh and it will be all good again.
        My horde of loyal admirers will demand no less….

  2. Well, I am glad a read the comments before I decided to comment. Now that I know all that was a fake, I won’t offer you any of my left over (used) tissue. You said it! You know you did! Ewweww!
    So, now I need to give a substantive comment, on something that is touching, sad, FAKE, where do I go now? If you are going to need praise and aggrandizement then at least throw me a bone. Put on a happy movie and stop reading my posts over and over. There, that should solve the melancholia. Take two and call me in the morning.

    Peace & Love

  3. What I got from reading your post, which by the way was beautiful! Hope is wisdom. Wisdom says that hope is unattainable through guilt. I hope you will write a poem about empowering yourself by burying guilt in a very deep hole in the ground! That is when hope will find a way to you. What will you use as a “new name?” Mine is priceless joy.

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