The Burning (Warning: Graphic Image)

Wars and rumors of war….

Why do neighbors slay?

For religion I spit

And curse it’s holy name

Different dogma brings a lust for blood

Reach out death with your impartial hand for the righteous flood

We’re so blessed to waken unto crisp silent morning air

Not the stench of guts and the reek of burning hair

I can go to the market, wedding or race car track

With only an angry passing thought that I must watch my back

Our life is different since 2001 and 9

When all seemed fair to partly

Not a troubled thought of mind

Why do they kill people of their very town

Sending them to a place of no recorded proof nor renown

They take it all literally from scripture and testify

That theirs is the last word and cannot be denied

Kill! Kill! Kill! the unholy infidels

Wipe out all the people down the street

Believer or heretic, who can tell?

It’s all hypocrisy and the worst possible kind of sin

When there is no concern for strangers, no thought of house nor kin

Thousands of years they’ve fought, and laid their countries low

And still haven’t grasped the fact that war is hell

Why does God allow it, or does he even know?

My faith tells me that God has a plan

But does he consider the deaths of so many innocent men

I question God and I try to ask him why

The book tell’s me to have faith

But doesn’t tell me why

So much blood and tears are shed over interpretation

To explain God’s mind and will seems to be lost in it’s translation

Kill! Kill! Kill! They cry to purify their faith

As dead children pile up in the streets, while we watch and wait

Allah taught you better, for I have read him too

He laid it all out simple, his passion thus was true

His words have been twisted and blasphemed by those that call his sacred name

Twisted bodies and tortured souls will be weighed against those who cause this shame.

I pray and pray for you but I’m only a Christian whore

Not one of your faith,  so mockingly we’re ignored

There is one basic rule that pervades every holy script I’ve seen

“Love thy neighbor as thyself, as my love for thee has been”


About treyzguy

I am so full of self-confidence and crap that I would worship myself against my own will.... Under penalty of death.

6 comments on “The Burning (Warning: Graphic Image)

  1. Islam is a loving, peaceful religion. Radical Islam is not a religion. It is a political party disguised as a “religion” that wants to control the world.

  2. Liked as far as your work, not the topic. I hate the wars, and have questioned the religious wars throughout history so much, to no avail. We have killed more humans in the name of a religion than for any other cause. It makes no sense. Islam maybe very well be a peaceful religion: I don’t think it is the religion people are upset about; it is the use of it to kill. It would be the same if the Christians, or Catholics to be more specific, were killing people now. All people would be bemoaning the Christians. It doesn’t matter in the end who is doing, and if the religion is actually about peace. I do ask one question though: If the people who are killing are doing it in the name of Islam, is there no one in this religion who believes in peace who can put a stop to this? If it is about promoting that Islam is peaceful, that these are only a ‘few’ heretics or radicals, then why do you not put a stop to it yourself (to the Islamists), in order to keep your religion peace minded, and to show the world the religion is really about peace and love. The Pope would be asked to do the same if there were Catholic radicals (been done in the past); other church leaders have been admonished to rule their own, and keep their members in check. Why should this religion be just able to let loose on innocents, with no one to answer to here on earth?

    Trey, those are my meanderings from your work. Very touching piece.

    Peace & Love (for real)

    • I agree with you, Rene. Thanks for your meanderings 🙂

      • Both of you…thanks. I hope I didn’t come across as biased, because I’m not. Thx again…

      • I don’t think you came across as biased. These were your honest feelings about what you see around you and how these people portray themselves. The question, however, goes beyond what we see or hear in the media and such.

      • That was a point well made, and I am going to address that very soon. I am aware of the media “glamour” and it’s bias. I know that it is only the media and instant info that exploits the facts. It is a terrible thing nonetheless, but hardly the only turmoil on our world.

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