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The Significance of Rain

The Significance of Rain I like the way the world smells after it’s rained and the redwoods have dropped their tears upon their source the earth. Even the ducks honk and celebrate and splash merrily and the hummingbirds zig and zag and the doves coo. Let’s settle back into bed and pull the covers up […]

Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One Before – By Jessica B. Bell

My dreams are haunted by laughter. Not happy sounds, either, but perverse, pained laughter that sounds more animal than human. It comes in spasms and bursts, and is guttural and without mirth. It is always the same, and I wake up trembling; covered in sweat. These last few weeks, the trembling has gotten worse, and […]

Creating a Media Kit, Press Release or Press Kit

Originally posted on Sara Walter Ellwood:
Blog hosts, have you ever been frustrated with the way authors send their materials to you for a blog stop? Authors, have you ever wondered what to include for a promo blog stop? www. freedigitalphotos .net Whatever you call it, a media kit (also known as press release and…

A Fly On The Wall – ( Prompt ‘From the Eyes of a Little One’)

A Fly On The Wall As coups go it was somewhat peaceful. A few dead here. A few dead there. The hasty packing of boxes. Secret documents thrown into a pond. I was a fly on the wall that day. I heard a lot. I’m lucky to be alive. Ellespeth

Leaving of a Rose

Submitted by Saiyyu’s Space. He lured the rose away from home Wanting her beauty for his own. “Here you do not belong Why! you should listen to my song,” said the sweet honeyed voice. Go on said the rose, let us hear this round of prose. “You are rose and it is thorn! so what, […]

To Be Continued…

To Be Continued… I am tired of being compassionate. I am tired of caring for others more than I care for me – even though that is the Christian Way and the Politcally Correct Way to be . I have a way that is my way. Put that in your pipe and choke on the […]

Emil Bennett

Submitted by Andrew Geary. Is present once again in his blackened room, hears songs in the trees. The window glows, “the sun reaches all, and doesn’t care about your comb-over.” Darkness leaves the world, life refills the street: cars commuting, bodies shifting across concrete, passing familiar others. Emil enters. He watches the girl over there: […]


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