Under The Bed – Prompt ‘From the Eyes of a Little One’

under the bed

I can curl as tight as a ball and make myself really, really small. Smaller than Buster, because he’s got four legs and smaller than James cos he’s eight and he’s a boy and boys can’t curl. Me and Jemima are going to stay under the bed. I think Jemima’s a bit scared. She doesn’t like the shouting.  I’m not scared. I wrap my arms round Jemima and whisper in her ear. Her ear isn’t there anymore cos James pulled it off, but I whisper in the hole a bit louder so she can hear me. I don’t think she’s scared now, because her good eye is still open. James glued her other eye shut with that sticky stuff that looks like a lipstick. I wasn’t his friend then but he said he didn’t care because girls can’t be friends with boys, it’s not allowed.

The bedroom door opens. Jemima says she’s scared again so I hug her real tight. But I think I hug her too tight because her head comes off.  She doesn’t cry though cos she’s good like that. Anyways it happens a lot so I think she’s used to it now. I can see brown shoes standing at the bed. Jemima can’t see them because she’s got no head. The brown shoes are just waiting. ‘Brown shoes’ has laces so he must be very old. Mummy said I can have laces in my shoes when I’m a big girl. ‘Brown Shoes’ starts to move nearer the bed. I can see Jemima’s head near his toe. Jemima gets scared again.

It’s all gone quiet now. Jemima doesn’t know what’s happening because ‘Brown Shoes’ kicked her head under the dressing table and its dark under there. My knees are getting sorer and sorer and I want to go to the toilet.  But ‘Brown Shoes’ is still there and I don’t know what to do. I want mummy to come and tell ‘Brown Shoes’ to go away. The door opens a bit more and I can see mummy’s feet. She doesn’t have any socks on but I know it’s her because her toes are red. Mummy says I can have red paint on my toes when I’m a big girl. You can have everything when you’re a big girl. Mummy stands next to ‘Brown Shoes’ and I can hear slurping noises, I think they’re eating an apple.

Mummy and ‘Brown Shoes’ must be tired because they’re lying down now. They’re still eating apples. Opps, naughty ‘Brown Shoes’, he must have had a little accident, because mummy’s made him take his trousers off.  Mummy says you don’t have accidents in your pants when you’re a big girl. It must be just girls, I’m glad I’m a girl. Mummy has started saying her prayers now and it’s not even bed time yet. She keeps saying “Oh God” and I’m getting a bit scared  because she must have been really naughty.  Jemima says she’s hungry so I’m going to come out  and ask mummy for one of them apples. I bet she’ll be surprised to see me…

About helenmidgley

Helen Midgley likes to think of herself as a cross between Dawn French and Kate Moss. She has been in the witness protection programme for a number of years and once lived in Brighton as a bearded mechanic called Dave! Her current incarnation is as a part-time Journalism & Media tutor at a small FE College in Yorkshire. She has survived cancer, dandruff and athlete’s foot and has a penchant for black humour and red wine.

21 comments on “Under The Bed – Prompt ‘From the Eyes of a Little One’

  1. Reblogged this on helen midgley and commented:

    There’s a new prompt over at the fabulous Community Storyboard. Here’s my attempt, get yourselves over and give it a go….

  2. You’ve done it again. I love the voice and innocence of this child and her doll. You had me on the edge of my seat. Too bad the story is over.

  3. A really unique take on the prompt. Great story.

  4. This is why one should always check under the bed. Children, monsters, dust bunnies, Chucky, and so many other things can be lurking there. Excellent story.

  5. Loved this. I’ll bet mommy will be surprised.

  6. Great story Helen. You have a real knack for storytelling.

  7. This is wonderful, Helen. I went through a range of emotions while reading it. At the end, I’m still feeling a little anxious because “Brown Shoes” isn’t the little girl’s father, but her innocence makes me smile. Yes, her mother will be very surprised 🙂

  8. You’re one of the best storytellers ever was 🙂

  9. My goodness. I’ll bet they’re all surprised 😛 I really liked this, Helen. I’m with Marie…I was a tad anxious a mid-point – but that passed.

  10. I’m glad it passed, lol 🙂

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