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The Silver Maple (Erotica)

Submitted by Storyboardfantasy

The summer’s breeze swirled through the night like a playful waltz directing the movement on a crowded ballroom floor.  An over-sized blood-red moon had slowly begun its ascent over the tree line directly behind the two lovers.  The courtyard was empty except the stray jogger from time to time.  It was peaceful; the sound of water falling upon water seemed to echo at this time of the night, and the two of them sat on the ledge of the fountain legs drawn in towards one another casually exchanging conversation, completely engulfed in the tranquility of their surroundings.  He slowly reached out his hand brushing the fallen fringe from her eyes and restoring the part back behind her ear.  The warmth of his hand intertwined with the cool droplets of water blowing in the breeze sent a chill through her body, beginning in the tips of her toes and rapidly escaping upwards through her neck until it reached the top of her head.  She left out a sigh of relaxation and a fixed her eyes upon his, staring endlessly into what she thought may be his soul.

He rose to his feet and quickly dashed a few steps, looked behind and stretching out his hand, “Are you coming or not?” he said.

“Wait for me,” she replied playfully.

The cobblestone path was dimly lit by Gothic-styled street lamps on both sides.  As she followed him into the unknown she quietly pretended that they were walking down a 19th century London street, on their way home from a wonderful evening at the theater.  The beautiful aroma of the freshly bloomed asters swiftly brought her back into reality and she reached out grabbing his hand. He looked at her and smiled, and the two of them continued their journey into the night.

The path lead to a small pond, the full moon now hung high overhead within a blanket of stars; it’s reflection was painted upon the canvas of water.  They stopped by a large maple near the shore.  “Beautiful, isn’t?” he said, but his words fell to deaf ears.  She pushed him up against the tree then began passionately kissing him, using her hands like ravenous wolves scouting the landscape for any signs of life. His hands made for the zipper of her dress, and quickly he found her hands securing his wrists pinning him against the tree.  Their lips were dancing in the night to the song of the crickets and bull frogs around them.  He nibbled her bottom lip and she released his wrists, using her hands to unbutton his pants.  She reached underneath his boxers and firmly wrapped her hand around his erect penis.  Pushing him back against the tree with her free hand, she delicately began caressing it, making long tender strokes, running the tips of her fingers in circular motions around the head of his penis.  This wasn’t an attempt to make him ejaculate, nor was it as she slowly pulled down his pants and dropped to her knees inserting his throbbing cock into her mouth.  She began tracing his thick stock with her tongue, using a hand to massage his testicles, and reinserted it.  She repeated this alternation in unpredictable intervals, doing her best to keep him on edge, and  every time he reached out his hand to hold onto some part of her, she slapped it away.

She stood back up, unzipping her dress in the process, “Take it off me.  Slowly,” she said gazing into his lustful eyes.  He complied, fixated upon her breasts as the dress fell, “Kiss my breasts,” she said in a tender yet commanding voice. He complied, softly kissing her breasts, aimlessly exploring every inch of them with his tongue and lips until reaching the peak of one of her nipples.  Firmly wrapping his hand around her bosom, he massaged the fully erect nipple with this tongue, first in a circular motion around its base then as he reached its peak he went back and forth using various speeds, finally releasing his grasp as he inserted it into his mouth.

His hand began straying from her breasts, the side of his hand gently grazing her skin as it slowly descended along her stomach, across her belly button, and before he could pass over her pubic hair, she grabbed the back of his head, pulling his hair and forced her lips onto his as they engaged in a fury of exchanges.

“I want you to get on your knees,” she said in a stern tone, “and go down on me.”

He complied again, the blood in his veins boiling with lust, completely hypnotized by her demands.  She raised her leg and rested it upon his shoulder, leaning against the tree as he used his mouth as a guide along the inner of calf, pleasantly strolling along her inner thigh until his tongue ran across the lips of her vagina.  The rough bark of the maple dug into her back and she moaned, her body completely consumed with pleasure as his mouth ravaged her.

After a few minutes he stood up and swung her around, he too was completely consumed not by pleasure but pure unadulterated lust. Arching her back, he slide his throbbing cock deep inside her.  Beginning with slow powerful thrusts, running his nails up and down her back.  “Oh, you dirty girl,” he said, “you’re not teasing me now are you?”  As she tried to reply he began thrusting in palpitating bursts, making her take every inch.  She lost her ability to speak, moving her hand down to her labia, massaging it as he continued in a steady flow.  “That’s right,” he said, “God, you’re so fucking dirty, you turn me on so much.” And he sternly swatted her ass, and continued to every few thrusts.

“Don’t stop! Please don’t fucking stop, I’m going to cum so fucking hard baby,” she said her voice quivering.  “Oh god…oh god…oh hell yes baby…don’t stop.” Her hand quickened pace as she began to climax.  She embraced the old silver maple; the waves of ecstasy pulsating throughout her entire body, she felt her knees weakening, and the sweat trickling across her naked body.  He grabbed her around the waist, and together they cried out in elation, falling upon the blanket of grass embracing one another.

As they stared up at an endless canvas of stars, she looked over at the old silver maple, and looking back at her lover, she said, “I love that fucking tree.”

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.

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