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Little Jack Frost (Frost Prompt)

Oh, little Jack Frost get lost, get lost Little Jack Frost get lost You know you don’t do a thing but put a bite on my toes Freeze up the ground and take the bloom from the rose “Shaddap!” “What’cha singing for? Don’t you know singing’s forbidden?” Singing was forbidden – and songs from Before, […]

Remember the Frost (October 20th Prompt)

Remember the Frost (October 20th Prompt)

Do you remember the days when the ice trays in the fridge were metal, and had a lever on them that you had to pull on to free the cubes? Do you remember that they would be covered in a thick layer of frost that had been building up in frosty layers for days? Do […]

Seasons – for the Frost Prompt

So here is a little something for this weeks prompt ‘Frost’.   In the summer, When the sun shone. We both knew, that Our hearts had been won.   In the autumn When the frost came. We already knew, We both felt the same.   In the winter, When the snows fell. A moment apart, […]

Frost Prompt — Frozen

I couldn’t get out of bed today. I lay frozen with regrets and wrapped blankets of shame around my ugly body. I buried my head in my pillow to tried to shut out the chilled tongues whispering mantras of self-loathing in my ears. And not a bit of it worked. My insecurity presented itself in […]

Weekly Prompt for October 20th – Frost is and Does

Here is my interpretation of the Weekly Prompt “Frost,” created by Susan Nichols   Old Man Frost by John W. Howell ©2013 I watched this old guy struggle with the heavy outer door and finally make it into the bank. He crossed the marble foyer and looked like he was going to end up at […]

Frost (Weekly Prompt)

Frozen in time not quite alive but still breathing telling everyone I’m fine Requiem of silence without the beating of your heart without your thunder to match mine Over and over I search reaching, calling, hoping to see those beautiful eyes reflecting the love you see in me Say you will return to me When […]

It’s For The Best (Poem for a Frost Prompt)

It’s For The Best Sometimes I forget that I’m not there anymore where humid winter nights left a dewy frost upon the grass and every footstep was listened for and heard and marked upon a lost landscape. I guess it’s best that the frost melts and the footsteps tread more lovingly. At least I’m told […]

Weekly Prompt – Frost

Winter comes with frost and ice, I wrap up tight, I’m not told twice, Boots of fur and hats with ears, Eyes that blink with frozen tears. A cold that nips upon my nose, Redning cheeks and numbing toes, Breathe that freezes in plain sight, Cotton candied trails of white. Glass like shards that fall […]

Frost: Weekly Prompt

I have never done a Haiku before, so forgive me, please, if I screw this up. frost creeps into bones making joints feel frozen stiff thaw me with whiskey

Mysterious Romania -Christmas Traditions in Romania

Christmas is a major annual celebration in Romania, full of significance and traditions. Romanians, who are predominantly Orthodox, celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth. Introduced once with the Christianization of Romania, the observance of Christmas was interrupted during the Communist period (1948—1989), as concepts as religion, Jesus Christ or the Church were banned. Instead of being visited […]


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