Charles Yallowitz

Fear by Sherry at My Ghost in Me

(Submission made by Sherry at My Ghost In Me.) Me was mentally exhausted- deep sleep came quickly as she hung tight to Freedom’s mane.  Soon her mind began to open to the universe- color and form came forward- taking her into her dreams.  She was back at the county garage- 12 years earlier- where the […]

Dating Her Husband

Submitted by Belle Beckford. “So what do you guys do for fun?” I averted my eyes and played with my coffee cup. I always feel a bit uncomfortable when asked this question. Perhaps a bit embarrassed, actually. I looked up at him and answered: “Nothing, really. We go out to eat lunch as a family […]

Comic: It’s All About the Swag by O Totsy

Today we have a comic strip by O Totsy.  Enjoy.


The Silver-laced seat of power sits before the gold-plated crucifix. The lesser ones sit in duplicates of six. The stranger scans the room with trained eyes. And charms the watching audience with precise lies. His lips quiver in reference to aged symbols. His fingers circle in adoration of ancient enrol. He sits steadily in the […]

Writing Challenge: This Old Home

Facade of stone with eyes of glass Searching for new pawns Serene and beautiful in the day Who would believe the terrors of its nights? Ghost from those that died before And demons of all moods Play games of fear and blood With those that dare to dwell Neighbors never hear the screams For the […]


Submitted for the ‘This Old Home Writing Challenge’ by J.C. Scheff He knew they loved this house once; with its front facing gable, ornamental parts and asymmetrical facade. They loved the musty smell of the cellar and the cedar. They even enjoyed the occasional mouse and spider that came out in the fall. He thought […]


Submitted by Elle Henry aka Avid Writer Elle Like blood dripping from an open wound I beg of you to stop punishing me You creep upon me so devilishly Wiping away my courage Leaving me desolate and in fear. My heart aches with savaged pain from your conformed premise. Like a thief in the night […]


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